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3rd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards Are In The Books!

Electric Sliders, Delta Bound, Jeni's, The Rolling Feast, and Bare Naked Bagel busy getting setup for the 2014 Nashville Street Food Awards!

Electric Sliders, Delta Bound, Jeni’s, The Rolling Feast, and Bare Naked Bagel busy getting setup for the 2014 Nashville Street Food Awards!

Mother Nature attempted to rain on our parade, but alas, she did not succeed!  Despite some rain, Nashville came out for the 3rd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards which took place this past Saturday, August 30 from 11 – 5 PM at the Nashville Farmer’s Market.

I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed the change of location.  I liked the increased shaded areas at the farmer’s market as well as just the general setup of the trucks and the stage.  Plus, you also had some of the flea market shops to walk around and peruse as well.

Riffs Fine Street Food, Riddim N' Spice, Smokin' Thighs, Hoss' Loaded Burgers, and Smoke Et Al were ready to compete and serve on Saturday!

Riffs Fine Street Food, Riddim N’ Spice, Smokin’ Thighs, Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, and Smoke Et Al were ready to compete and serve on Saturday!

I was lucky enough to be a judge again for the 3rd year in a row.  It really is a pleasure and an honor to be asked!  This year, I got to judge the Best Taco, Best Hot Nashville, and Best Drink categories.  Now for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.  Throughout the day, the food trucks aren’t only serving food to the public.  They are also participating in several competitions throughout the day.  There were 10 different categories they could enter: Best Taco, Best Hot Nashville, Best Drink, Best Vegetarian, Best Dessert, Best Goo Goo, Best Smoked, Best Between Bread, Best Yazoo, and Best Deep Fried.  There were specific turn in times for each category.  And a table of judges would blindly try each entrant’s item and then rate them from 1-10 based on presentation, taste, and overall impression.  The top 3 in each category were place winners and the truck with the most impressive day in the competition was awarded Best of the Best.

The winners at this year’s Nashville Street Food Awards are:

Best Taco: 1st Place – Delta Bound, 2nd Place – Riff’s Fine Street Food, and 3rd Place – Smoke Et Al

Best Hot Nashville: 1st Place – Deg Thai, 2nd Place – Delta Bound, and 3rd Place – Retro Sno

Best Drink: 1st Place – Smoke Et Al, 2nd Place – The Grilled Cheeserie, and 3rd Place – Delta Bound

Best Vegetarian: 1st Place – Delta Bound, 2nd Place – Riffs Fine Street Food, and 3rd Place – Two Guys in a Lunchbox

Best Dessert: 1st Place – Bradley’s Curbside Creamery, 2nd Place – Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, and 3rd Place – The Grilled Cheeserie

Best Smoked: 1st Place – Smoke Et Al, 2nd Place – The Grilled Cheeserie, and 3rd Place – The Mobile Chef

Best Goo Goo Cluster: 1st Place – Pita Pit, 2nd Place – The Rolling Feast, and 3rd Place – Delta Bound

Best Deep Fried: 1st Place – Delta Bound, 2nd Place – The Grilled Cheeserie, and 3rd Place – The Waffle Boss

Best Yazoo: 1st Place – Delta Bound, 2nd Place – Smoke Et Al, and 3rd Place – Pita Pit

Best Between Bread: 1st Place – Tiger Meat, 2nd Place – Confeastador, and 3rd Place – Dawg Daze

Best of the Best: 1st Place – Delta Bound, 2nd Place – Smoke Et Al, and 3rd Place – The Grilled Cheeserie

Congrats to all the winners!  I couldn’t be more happy for the Mobleys with Delta Bound who have been putting out amazing food for over 2 years!  And they are finally being rewarded!!!

If you didn’t make it to this year’s Nashville Street Food Awards, I hope you had a good reason!  There is always next year’s event!!!!  Can’t wait to see you all at the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie


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Third Annual “Nashville Street Food Awards” Has A Date!!!!

It is perhaps the biggest food truck event of the year!!!  If you have ever wanted to try your pick of any food truck, the Nashville Street Food Awards is the event for you to do that!

The date has been set as Saturday, August 30th from 11 AM – 5 PM.  Bit of a change this year, the location will be at the Nashville Farmer’s Market in the grassy outdoor area on the north side.

This event is FREE to the public and will include more than 30 NFTA members who will compete in several different categories throughout the day.  Categories may include: Best Taco, Best Between Bread, Best Smoked, Best Dessert, Best Hot Nashville, Best Vegetarian, Best Deep Fried, and Best Drink.  There will be two Nashville-centric categories: Best Yazoo and Best Goo Goo Cluster.  The best overall performing food truck will take home the Best of the Best!

In addition to the food trucks, there will be craft beer, live music, activities for the kids, and of course, all of the farmer’s market vendors!

So time to make sure your calendar is clear.  Grab your best group of friends and plan to spend an entire afternoon eating to your heart’s delight!!

While the trucks are subject to change at a moment’s notice, the current listing of trucks is as follows:

Bacon Nation

Bare Naked Bagel

Blue Monkey Shaved Ice

Bradley’s Curbside Creamery


Crepe A Diem

Dawg Daze

Deg Thai

Delta Bound

Electric Sliders

The Food Dudes

The Grilled Cheeserie

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers

Itty Bitty Donuts

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


Julia’s Bakery

King Tut’s

Maggie Moo’s

Moovers & Shakers

Music City Pie Company

Nashville Armory

Pappy’s Mobile Cafe

Pita Pit

Retro Sno

Riddim N’ Spice

Riffs Fine Street Food

The Rolling Feast

Smoke Et Al

Smokin’ Thighs

Smoothie King

Steaming Goat

Two Guys In A Lunchbox

The Waffle Boss

Yayo’s OMG

We are crossing our fingers that we get the opportunity to be a judge again this year!  We’ve really enjoyed that the last two years!!!!  And we really enjoy getting to talk with everyone at the Street Food Awards!  We hope to see you there!!!!!

-FTJ Julie


All The Thanks!!!

Minus a little nervousness, the book launch at Parnassus Books in Green Hills was a complete success!!!

To everyone who came out: You totally made my day.  Getting to talk food trucks with you was such an incredible highlight!  You all had some great questions and I could have gone on for hours honestly!!!  I hope you all are enjoying the book and are already making plans to stalk some food trucks you haven’t tried before!!!!

To Biscuit Love, Moovers & Shakers, & The Rolling Feast: I thank you so much for taking the time to prepare samples for everyone to try!  On a Saturday in the summer which is prime food truck time, that you were at Parnassus instead of having the windows up, I just cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation!!!

To Pita Pit: Even though your truck was out at the Dave Macon Days, you still worked it out to be present at the book launch.  I CANNOT tell you how much that meant to me.  Plus, it was pretty great to get to meet your little man and future Pita Pit Master!!

To the staff at Parnassus Books: Despite it being my first rodeo, this definitely was not yours.  Thank you for putting up with a stressed out first timer.  You made the whole process not only enjoyable, but easy.  Your shop is just beautiful and Bear was not only a great shop dog, but a wonderful “stress therapy” dog as well!!!  While I know you all enjoyed the samples as well, Thank you for allowing me to take space and time for the event.  Nashville is so extremely lucky to have you!!!  And I feel blessed to be on your shelves!!!

Again, I want to thank the food truck community for your amazing food that has inspired this blog and now the book.

Tomorrow, I’m going to bring you a little bit about a fellow food truck blogger who does things much differently than I do and I think it’s pretty cool!!!!  And later this week, I’m going to bring you a little more about the awesome food from Pita Pit!!!

So, stay tuned!!!!

-FTJ Julie


Some Things We Are Working On…

Here are a few upcoming items I’m working working:

  • We recently took a trip to Chattanooga and visited Famous Nater’s food truck.  When you look at the food truck scene here in Nashville and how it has evolved and grown in 2 years, the difference versus the growth of the scene in Chattanooga is substantial!  I’ll discuss a little about that as well as our experience at the Famous Nater’s truck in Chattanooga and the best spot to find the trucks!
  • We love fellow food truck bloggers!  There is a food truck blogger out there who blogs from a different perspective than I do.  He aims his blog and podcast at the food truck owner more than the consumer.  So I’d love to give him a shout out as well as a look at some of the great food bloggers here in Nashville.
  • OUR BOOK!  The book launch is less than 2 weeks away at Parnassus!  I’m excited and nervous and cannot wait to see you all out!  We will have food truck samples from Biscuit Love, Doughworks, The Rolling Feast, and Moovers & Shakers!!

One last thing, we want to thank Nashville Lifestyles (Taylor Pittman) and The Murfreesboro Post (Travis Swann) for their reviews and write ups.  We are in the July issue of Nashville Lifestyles!  So we hope you will pick that up!  And CLICK HERE for the awesome write up by Travis!  Thank you again!!!!

We cannot wait for you to see and read and cook from the book!  But more than that…I’ll see you all at the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie

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Biscuit Love Sets Their Roots In The Gulch!

For the last several months, if you wanted some of the awesomeness that is Biscuit Love, you had only 2 spots you could go to: Franklin Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and White’s Mercantile on Sundays.  And you had to go early because they sell out every weekend and they typically sell out early!

Here’s some good news.  Great news in fact!  Coming soon to the Gulch in the fall, Biscuit Love, A Brunch Place Born In The South will open.  Karl and Sarah Worley are taking Biscuit Love and setting their roots in a brick and mortar establishment.  So now Nashville can get their Biscuit Love fix any day of the week!

Yes, the biscuits will still be the star, but they are expanding their menu to include some really awesome additions.  From a grab and go pastry counter to a weekend late-night menu to “John’s Ham Bar” which will highlight country ham from throughout the region with beaten biscuits to brunch cocktails and craft beer!  Just as on the truck, the restaurant will focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

The location will be located at 316 11th Avenue South in the Gulch right next to Bar Louie.  I believe this is the space where Kocktails & Kouture used to be.  So they will be right in the heart of the Gulch!

Biscuit Love is on Twitter or Instagram: @BiscuitLoveNash.  Make sure to follow them to follow the progress of the restaurant!  If you cannot wait until the restaurant opening, you can always get your Biscuit Love fix at their regular weekend spots!!

Congratulations to our friends, Karl and Sarah Worley!  We cannot wait to visit the restaurant…time and time again!!!!

-FTJ Julie

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Toast of Music City Nominates Several Food Trucks

The daily voting has begun for the 2014 Toast of Music City Awards and several food trucks pop up in the Food & Drink categories!!!

Make sure to go vote daily at http://www.toastofmusiccity.com for your favorites!!!

Best Bakery Nominee: The Cupcake Collection

Best BBQ Nominee: Smoke Et Al

Best Burger Nominee: Hoss’ Loaded Burgers

Best Ice Cream Nominee: Bradley’s Curbside Creamery

Best Pizza Nominee: Joey’s House of Pizza

Best Food Truck Nominees: Biscuit Love, Blue Monkey Shaved Ice, The Cupcake Collection, DegThai, Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes, The Food Truck Project, The Grilled Cheeserie, Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, Jonbalaya, Mas Tacos, Retro Sno, Riffs Fine Street Food, Smokin’ Thighs, and Yayo’s OMG

Congrats to all of the food truck Toast of Music City nominees!!

-FTJ Julie

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“Spring Into Street Food” Extends to “Summer Of Street Food”

Lucky lucky downtown!!!!

Starting back in March as “Spring Into Street Food,” the Nashville Food Truck Association brought the bevy of food truck lineups to downtown every other Thursday.  Events have gone so well, that “Spring Into Street Food” is now extending to “Summer of Street Food!”

June 12th and 27th

July 10th and 24th

August 7th and 21st

11 AM – 2 PM

Deaderick Street From 3rd/4th Avenues

Each date will have a variety of trucks.  Nearly 20 trucks will be on hand each date!!!!!  The line ups will change, but there’s a minimum of 31 different trucks that will be involved throughout the summer!

So if on these dates you can take a long lunch and head downtown to Nashville, or if you live or work in downtown Nashville, go ahead and pencil in the dates above.

Couple of tips to help you out:

Make sure to grab a group of friends. If you have someone with similar tastes as you, you can split food and then order from more trucks and get more food!!!!!

ALWAYS SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT!  Or, grab some dessert for later when you are back at your desk!!!

While the trucks do accept all the major plastic, carrying cash can help speed up the lines.

If you are gonna take food back to your office, I suggest grabbing one of your reuseable grocery sacks.  It will help you carry lots of food without the juggling!!!!!

This will also be a great opportunity for you to check out some of the many trucks that are featured in our upcoming book, Nashville Food Trucks: Stories & Recipes from the Road!!!  The book comes out in 2 weeks on June 17th!  So you will have a healthy dose of dates to check out the trucks from the book!!!

I might myself have to take a long lunch to head downtown for one of these dates! I do love me a good food truck frenzy!!!!!!

Remember! Always try something new!  And I’ll see you at the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie


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