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Got A Favorite Food Truck Burger?

Okay, I see Nashville Lifestyles and the Nashville Scene doing their best of the best articles.  And they are awesome.  The problem is that the food trucks get overlooked (sometimes).  When you are looking at the whole food landscape in Nashville, there are just so many amazing places serving amazing food that most people will tend to vote for their favorite sit-down restaurant.  Is the food truck food just as good?  Perhaps, but when the votes come out for these polls, unless it is specifically a food truck category, the food trucks, well, they get looked over.

So here on NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com, we are going to crown our favorites from the food trucks!!!

Here is how it will work, over the course of the next several months, I will post asking for your favorites in a specific category.  You can leave a comment here on the blog, send me a tweet at @FTJ_Julie, or leave a comment on our Facebook Page!  I will take the top 5 most commented and create a poll for the top 5.  Winner chosen by popular vote!!!

Our first category?  FAVORITE FOOD TRUCK BURGER!!!

I will take all nominations from now until NEXT Friday, April 18th at noon.

Have a favorite food truck burger?  Aaaaaaand GO!!!

P.S. Food Trucks, this will be your week to get your burger hopefuls out to the public on your truck!!!

-FTJ Julie

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It’s National Grilled Cheeserie Month!!!

Okay, so not only is April my birthday month, but it’s also National Grilled Cheeserie Month!  Okay so it’s really just National Grilled Cheese Month, but it really should be National Grilled Cheeserie Month!

National Grilled Cheese Day Picnic

Nashville favorite, The Grilled Cheeserie, will be celebrating with a “Grilled Cheese Picnic” on April 12th which is the Official National Grilled Cheese Day!

From Noon – 4 PM at Richland Park (4601 Charlotte Pike - by the picnic shelter), The Grilled Cheeserie alongside friends Retro Sno and Porter Road Butcher Pastry will be dishing out some delicious nostalgic treats that go along with their theme of “Keep It Classic”.  Chef and co-owner, Crystal De Luna-Bogan says “It’s going to be good ol’ fashioned fun!”

“We are Nashville’s only grilled cheese truck and want to represent our city by celebrating the simplicity of what a grilled cheese is: bread, butter, and most importantly cheese, by using the best the South has to offer” says co-owner Joseph Bogan.

“Keeping true to our culinary approach, we’re going to source the best productsour region has to offer. In addition to using our usual bread baker, Silke’s Old World Breads, The Bloomy Rind is going to help us procure cheeses from the South’s best creameries. We asked them what their favorite “melty” cheese was and they were really excited to recommend a variety of amazing cheeses. We’re excited to celebrate our southern creameries the entire month of April (National Grilled Cheese Month) by featuring simple, amazingly melty grilled cheeses paired with our homemade classic tomato soup” said De Luna-Bogan.

The Grilled Cheeserie is also asking their fans and loyal customers to hashtag their love for grilled cheese and photos using the hashtag #grilledcheese2014.  The Grilled Cheeserie is coordinating with grilled cheese trucks all around the country to utilize that hashtag, creating one feed for National Grilled Cheese Month.

Each week in April they are also featuring a different regional creamery and cheese:

April 1-6: Kenny’s Farmhouse (Kentucky) – “Kentucky Rose & Monterey Jack”

April 7-13: Sweetwater Valley Farm (Tennessee) – “Italian Pesto Cheddar”

April 14-20: English Farmstead (North Carolina) – “Buttercup”

April 21-End of the Month: Sweet Grass Dairy (Georgia) – “Thomasville Tomme”

GrilledCheeseMonthPoster_finalSo make sure to head out to Richland Park on Saturday, April 12th for National Grilled Cheeserie Day…er…darn it…National Grilled Cheese Day to celebrate with The Grilled Cheeserie and friends!  And make sure to hit them during the entire month to try their featured cheeses and creameries!

See you all at the trucks!

-FTJ Julie


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My Letter To The Locations Page

Dear Locations Page:

I’m so sorry that I have neglected you over the last few months.  You’ve been there for your visitors, but I haven’t been there for you.  I’ve been super busy working on a food truck book that will be released this summer that will hopefully increase your visitation rate.  The book is going to be super awesome.  You are going to love it!  But now that the manuscript is finished, I promise I’ll be a better updater!!  Starting on Monday, You’ll be populated with information for all to see!!!  And everyone in Nashville can fall back in love with visiting you everyday to find their way to the trucks!

Love you, Mean it.


Side Note: I want to make sure that if you want the official information from the Nashville Food Truck Association there is only one Twitter Account: @FoodTrucksNash.  And only one official website: http://www.NashvilleFoodTruckAssociation.com.  Please note that is .COM.  Any other extension is not the official account.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and get out to the trucks!  On Saturday, the East Nashville Beer Festival will have all the big boys out!  But if you don’t have tickets for that you can still hit up some of the local taprooms, Elmington Park, the Honey Bee Festival, McKays, Friedmans, or the Barn Sale in Madison.  On Sunday, I’ll be popping by the 12 South Bluegrass Brunch with Biscuit Love, Degthai will be at Vandy, the Picnic in Elmington Park, and then Crankees at the Japanese Film Festival.  Lots of opportunities and a lot of variety of trucks out this weekend too!!!

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Food Trucks Invade Downtown For A Thursday Extravaganza!

If you live or work in the downtown area or if you can take a long lunch on Thursday to go downtown, you are in luck!  The Nashville Food Truck Association is presenting a “Spring Into Street Food” from 11 AM – 2 PM on Thursday, March 20th (tomorrow) and again on April 17th and May 15th.

They will be located on Deaderick Street with the trucks parked between 3rd Avenue North and 5th Avenue North.

While the specific trucks are subject to change, the current list of trucks that will be there are:

  • 2 Guys In A Lunchbox
  • Bacon Nation
  • Bradley’s Curbside Creamery
  • Crankee’s Pizzeria
  • Crepe A Diem
  • Delta Bound
  • DoughWorks
  • The Grilled Cheeserie
  • Hoss’ Loaded Burgers
  • Itty Bitty Donuts
  • Jonbalaya
  • Moovers’ & Shakers
  • Music City Pie Co
  • Pappy’s Mobile Cafe
  • Pita Pit
  • Retro Sno
  • Riff’s Fine Street Food
  • The Rolling Feast
  • Smoke Et Al
  • Smokin’ Thighs
  • Smoothie King
  • Sum Yum Yum
  • Yayo’s OMG

So there is bound to be something you want to try!  And if we can be so bold, Bradley’s Curbside Creamery allowed us Nashville Food Truck Junkies in to create and make our own ice cream, Cheesecake Junkie (Chocolate ice cream with cheesecake chunks and a raspberry swirl).  We urge you to try it!  We think it’s pretty awesome!

Make your plans to get downtown tomorrow for lunch.  Or if you are already downtown at lunch time, WHAMMY! You are in luck.  Make sure you don’t pack your lunch! Get out to the trucks!!!  Do it!!  Have an awesome lunch!  Try something new tomorrow!  Seriously, try something new!!!!!!

Most of all, have your lunch from the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie

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“Pop Up, Schmop Up” – Biscuit Love Gets Taken Over For A Night!


It’s hard for me to hide my love for Biscuit Love.  I mean.  I don’t hide it.  And right when I think they’ve reached the pinnacle of how much I could adore them.  They go and do this.  And my romance with Biscuit Love begins all over again.

Karl and Sarahare “turning over the keys” to Biscuit Love to Hume Fogg Freshman, Charlie Hilly, for a one night only pop up dinner at the Nashville Farmer’s Market Grow Local Kitchen on Saturday, March 29th from 6 – 8 PM.  While the $20/person tickets will be available at the door, reservations are encouraged at popupschmopup@gmail.com.  The proceeds of the event will benefit The Nashville Food Project which helps provide healthy food to homeless and poor areas of Davidson County.

It’s a pretty cool story of how this whole event came to be.

Biscuit Love owner, Sarah Worley, was at a recent high school career fair when a 13-year old Freshman from Hume Fogg walks up.  Sarah recalls “This kid came up to me and said “I’m going to start a food truck that’s going to put you out of business one day.  He proceeded to tell me about all the street food he’s eaten, his plans for his own business, and his unique culinary perspective.  I couldn’t believe a high school freshman had such a focused business concept, and the conversation continued past that day.  Karl and I have been brainstorming with Charlie, and ultimately the idea for this event came about.”

The Worley’s have been mentoring Hilly helping him gain experience in the food truck industry.  This has involved giving him guidance as he developed his concept and menu for the Pop Up, Schmop Up dinner.

Hilly says, “I always loved to stand by my mom in the kitchen and help cook spicy, ethnic foods.  My first recipe was a spicy habenero salsa which I developed when I was nine.  I met friends at the Ivy House who introduced me to Indian cooking, and living in Nashville, I’ve followed the food truck scene.  Combining those ideas into a concept is something I can’t wait to do at this event.”

Attendees of this inaugural Pop Up, Schmop Up dinner will sample a full menu of Hilly’s Indian-Southern cuisine at the Nashville Farmer’s Market Grow Local Kitchen in a meat & three style concept.  Hilly will also be cooking under the guidance of the Worleys, who are both culinary trained chefs.

So mark your calendars:

When: Saturday, March 29th, 6-8 PM

Where: Nashville Farmer’s Market Grow Local Kitchen

Cost: $20/Person – Available at the door, but reservations are recommended: PopupSchmopup@gmail.com

Hilly couldn’t have chosen a better pair of mentors than Karl and Sarah Worley who have taken not only the food truck scene by storm, but the entire food scene here in Nashville by storm!  Actually taking over the nation by storm as they recently were a feature at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, one of the largest food festivals in the country.  They have also been featured on The Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats as well as a future episode of Eat St.

I am really excited about this event.  And to see food truck owners mentoring the youth who will then in turn be able to start their own truck…and to do it right, it’s inspiring to say the least!!!

I hope to see you all there!!!

-FTJ Julie


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Yayo’s OMG – 2014 Food Truck Taco Of The Year Nominee!

Online food truck publication, Mobile Cuisine (who named us here at NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.Com as the 2013 Food Truck Blog Of The Year), is currently conducting their poll for 2014 Favorite Food Truck Taco.  And Nashville has 1 nominee on the list: Yayo’s OMG!!!!

Have you had their Mahi Mahi Tacos???? Cause you know how deserving they are of this!!!!

Currently, Yayo’s is sitting in 13th out 15 nominees.  But we are early in the voting!  Voting will end at Midnight on Friday, March 14th!!!

Let me tell you how simple this is.  Only 1 vote per IP address.

1. Go To Mobile Cuisine’s Website: Click Here

2. The Poll will be listed in the right side of the screen.  So Scroll down until you see it.

3. Click the bubble next to Yayo’s OMG

4. Click Vote

And it is only 1 vote per IP address.  You don’t have to register on Facebook or anything like that.  You don’t have to vote daily.  Just vote 1 time (on your computer AND your smartphone!!).  And get all of your family and friends to vote from their computers and smartphones as well!!!!

We made Nashville home to the Mobile Cuisine 2013 Food Truck Blog of the Year.  Let’s make Nashville home to Mobile Cuisine 2014 Food Truck Taco of the Year!!!

Vote Vote Vote Vote!!!!

-FTJ Julie

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Food Truck Eats – February 16th Edition

So it has most definitely been too long without a post.  I apologize for that!

I’m in the midst of getting the information together for my book on the Nashville food trucks and the scene here in Nashville.  So I’ve allowed myself to get a bit distracted with that.  Then there’s the issue of my day job.  Let’s not go there!  Ha!

So let me talk about a couple of things.

First off, I’m going to be attempting to do a few giveaways throughout the year.  I have already given away a $10 gift certificate to Hoss’ Loaded Burgers already this year!!  So be in the lookout on Twitter and Facebook for my next giveaway!

Secondly, I know that the weather has been cold and/or rainy/snowy.  Many of the trucks have pre-ordering and pre-pay available through the NFTA App on Android and iPhone.  So you don’t have to wait outside in the cold to order and wait for your food.  In fact, when you order and pay through the app (or online at ToGoOrder.com), you can even choose what time your food will be ready!!!  I am trying to include the links daily to the trucks that have the pre-order and pre-pay available.  So do not let the weather hinder you from going to the trucks!!!

Next, I want to talk about some of the food that I’ve had recently.  Cause I’ve had some amazing food!  And these next few items are only the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve had recently!  Would just make too long of a post!  So I’ll upload some more next weekend!

Nashville food trucks have been featured on several episodes of The Cooking Channel’s Eat St. TV show.  But one of the first trucks featured was one of the OG trucks, Yayo’s OMG!  One of the items from Yayo’s featured on the episode was their Chalupitas.  Now every time I watch that episode I want one.  I had never had one, but I knew that I wanted one.  But they are a specialty item so they don’t have them all the time.  And they also sell out quickly when they do have them.  I’ve been semi-harassing Ingrid and Chef Yayo for chalupitas for a few months now since I missed them last time they were on the menu.  Finally, on February 9th, I got to try them!  It was the last day that they were having chalupitas for a while.  So Jim and I headed to Elmington Park.

Yayo's OMG - Chalupitas

Yayo’s OMG – Chalupitas

Fried shells that tasted a lot like a cornbread donut filled with slow roasted pork, mashed potatoes, refried beans and topped with deliciousness and parmesan cheese!  It’s a lot more filling than I thought.  And having 2 per order was a bit of a tall order.  I told Chef Yayo they should think about selling them individually as well!!!  They were definitely worth the wait.  But let me tell you, when they have them on the menu, get to their window early.  Chalupitas sellout.  And they sellout quickly!  So if you haven’t tried them and that picture doesn’t quite do them justice, then check out this video – Click HERE!!! <–It’s a youtube video from their Eat St. Episode and it’s totally safe for work!!

One of the up and coming trucks in Nashville is The Rolling Feast.  Tom’s food truck is quickly becoming a top priority for me to visit anytime he’s near my work or home.  You’ll be able to read all about Tom and The Rolling Feast in my book that will hopefully be out this summer, but here are some of the foods that I’ve quickly become addicted to!  The Spicy Tortilla Chicken Soup is straight up ridonkulous!  He fries the tortilla chips for the soup right on the truck.  The flavors are massive in this soup.  I’m hoping he’ll start to have a size bigger than 12 ounces available.  I seriously could eat this by the quart.  And frankly, there isn’t much better to eat for lunch on a cold day than this Spicy Tortilla Chicken Soup.

The Rolling Feast - Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

The Rolling Feast – Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Now if you have been following me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for a little over a year.  So a food truck with a healthy option is always a plus.  The Rolling Feast offers a Chicken Spinach Salad.  The candied pecans absolutely take the cake on this salad.  The homemade vinaigrette is sweet and tart and perfectly tossed on this salad.  I was able to eat this salad without guilt and yet feeling guilty because it was so amazingly delicious that it tricks you into thinking you are eating something you should feel guilty about.  So if you are like me and are on the healthy kick, don’t let that deter you from visiting a food truck.  Because, guess what! The Rolling Feast has got you covered!

The Rolling Feast - Chicken Spinach Salad

The Rolling Feast – Chicken Spinach Salad

Lastly, but not least, Biscuit Love Truck’s new dish “The Lindstrom” is hands down creative, healthy, and so full of exploding flavor.  Lemon vinaigrette, toasted hazelnuts on a bed of shaved brussel sprouts and topped with a poached egg.  It’s brilliant.  It’s brussel sprouts that are fresh and crisp and vibrant.  They are NOT what everyone else is serving these days.  They are NOT sauteed in oil with bacon (making them less healthy).  If they didn’t tell you it was brussel sprout, you would probably eat The Lindstrom and not even know.  The lemon vinaigrette is such a compliment to the shaved brussel sprouts and brightens up the flavors of the whole dish.  And then you get the hazelnut and it’s just like decadence.  Every time I think that Karl Worley cannot top himself, I eat his new dish and just sit on the ground in complete awe (My Reaction).

Biscuit Love - The Lindstrom

Biscuit Love – The Lindstrom

Okay, so I’ll be blogging about even more amazing food next Sunday.  So check back and I’ll show you what you should order next time you visit the trucks and what you are missing if you are not going to the trucks!

I know that the weather has been cold. And I know that Nashvillians are a little finicky when it comes to the weather and getting out in rain or cold.  But theses trucks are out to serve your delicious food.  And many have the pre-order/pre-pay available.  You are missing out on amazing food.  And I say this all the time, but don’t be afraid of food trucks.  Don’t be afraid of something you cannot pronounce or do not know.  ASK!!!  And TRY!

I hope to see you all at the trucks!!!  And be on the lookout for giveaways!!!

-FTJ Julie


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