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Great Food Truck Race THIS WEEKEND!

We feel pretty certain that the 4 remaining trucks in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race will be at Wanderland this weekend!!! It’s your chance to try out some new trucks (only in town for the weekend!!!) AND possibly get to be on Food Network!!!! Don’t you wanna?!!! Maybe I’ll even see you there!!!!!!! […]

Hoss’ Loaded Burger…Stuffed Burgers Have Never Been So Good!

It’s hard to put a lot of awesome into words.  And Hoss’ Loaded Burgers stuffs their burgers with so much awesome, it’s taking me a little longer to write this post. My first time having Hoss’ wasn’t really a true visit.  It was one of the first times that Food Trucks had come to Hermitage, […]

Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy!

Moi, the Nashville Food Truck Junkie, will be at the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy today!!! Kudos to Tammy Whitworth Fisher (Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes) who organizes the trucks each week!  Last week there were more trucks than I ever remember being out here.  This week, there are just as many!  And new trucks too!!! I’m excited […]

Wanderland @ Elmington Park – Photo Op!

Thank you to Peanut Butter Paradise for passing along this picture they took on Saturday at Wanderland @ Elmington Park!!!  Great Weather and lotsa food trucks!!!  

Great Food Truck Race!

We are hearing rumors that the food trucks involved in the new season of the Food Network Show “The Great Food Truck Race” will be RACING through Nashville this week/weekend (possibly at Wanderland at Elmington Park!) Tweet @PredJules77 if you see them out and about! Or if you try any of the trucks!!! If you […]

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to every military man and woman, all of our veterans, and all of those who have lost their lives for our country. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I cannot thank you enough.  I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate all you do for our country. You are my heroes and […]

Reviews, Location Updates, Weekly Food Truck Frenzies!

I’ll be adding a new page in the coming weeks as I gather more information on food trucks and start officially reviewing their food and the experience.  I want to clarify that my Delta Bound review WAS a review.  But I did only have one item off of their menu.  I’ll give an official review […]