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Delta Bound – New Truck Makes a Tasty Statement!

My first official post regarding a food truck.  I thought long and hard about what truck should be my first post.  Should it be one of my favorite trucks?  A truck to beat the weekend heat?  Or a new up and coming truck?

I ultimately decided on Delta Bound.  It was actually a pretty easy decision.  I’d actually been thinking it would make the perfect first post for my new blog since Delta Bound had their first official food truck outing on Wednesday, May 23rd at Hermitage Church of Christ for the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy.  So they are as new as I am.  Well, actually, they have a few days under their belt.  So they are a little more seasoned than I am!

Delta Bound is run by Jessica and Stacey.  When I walked up to the truck, Stacey was there to welcome me.  He was super friendly.  You will come to learn as you read my blog that I am really big on customer service.  I feel if they are taking time to take care of me as a customer, then I know they are doing things right and taking care of business in the kitchen!

After reviewing the menu, realizing I wanted to try everything, and knowing I couldn’t, I ultimately decided on the Fried B’logna sandwich.  Since I am not a fan of pickles, ketchup, or mustard (I know…I’m super weird!), I always ask about the condiments.  I was told that the condiments come on the side.  I was super stoked.  I think that Jessica, who was in the kitchen and does the cooking, knew that was a sign that I didn’t want those items. Because when the order came out, there were no condiments.  No condiments = Happy Julie.  I would also like to point out the wait was next to nothing.  Now it was early in the Food Truck Frenzy so lines had not yet formed. But in watching as I ate the food, it seemed that no one really ever waited long.

The sandwich had an appropriately sized pile of fried bologna, melted cheese and onions.  I do like onions, so they didn’t bother me.  But if you don’t like onions, you may want to ask for it without them.  They were thick slices of onion on the sandwich, and it did create a strong texture and flavor.  Again, I liked it!  The sandwich was $5.50.  Which in Nashville food truck prices, is one of the more reasonably priced items!  I honestly did not want to share this with my boyfriend.  But being that we split items so we can have food from multiple trucks in one visit and also that this was a new food truck and he wanted to try it too, I hesitantly handed over half of the sandwich.  He enjoyed it as well.  The picture is below, but there is more blog below the picture!

I seriously had considered going back to get another sandwich, because I love awesome new food trucks like Delta Bound.  Also, they really had a lot of salivatingly enticing items on their menu.  When the food is good and it is a new food truck, I feel like it is my personal responsibility to ensure that they have a good first outing so that they will want to continue!  But since I had also split a Mere Bulles Food Truck “In the Park” Brat with my boyfriend, I was quite stuffed to the gills and could not force room in my belly for more goodness.  And that is SUCH a sad thing to realize.  Instead, I walked back up to the truck and let them know that the sandwich was SUPER TASTY at which point he introduced himself and Jessica.

Throughout the time that my boyfriend and I sat and had lunch which was just around an hour, several other people were raving about Delta Bound.  Another group that was there, one of the girls had ordered the Muffaleta and was super happy with her choice.  Another girl in that same group had ordered the chicken po’ boy.  I’m told that several members in that group had food envy over her sandwich.  We saw a few people who had ordered the Hot Tamales.  My boyfriend is a ginormous tamale fan.  So he can at a glance see if it looks legit or if it is a “if you like tamales then you’ll love our knockoff” (which you never do!).  And he was impressed and said they really looked legit.  Now I will note…neither of us had the Hot Tamales.  So they looked legit, but I cannot speak on if they tasted legit!

As you go out this holiday weekend, first off, be safe and don’t drink and drive.  But secondly, if you see Delta Bound out and about, try them out.  I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.  I know you will be as impressed as I was.

They are a new food truck here in Nashville but one that definitely makes a tasty tasty statement!  A statement that says they are going to be serving up some good eats for a very long time here in Nashville!  And you definitely gotta try them out!!!!

One comment on “Delta Bound – New Truck Makes a Tasty Statement!

  1. Brisket for Breakfast! Are you kidding me? Apparently on an impulse, i tried this sandwich. It was made fresh! I gave it a bite. All I have to say is WOW! Yes it was that GOOD!

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