Cooking Channel’s Eat St. Filming THIS WEEKEND in Nashville!

The Cooking Channel’s show Eat St. is here filming in Nashville this weekend!

Friday, May 25th, they will be shooting the segment on Mere Bulles Food Truck at Nashville YWCA (1608 Woodmont) from 11-2!!  You could get your chance to be on a National TV show!!!  They may even interview you to be in the segment!

Then, on Sunday, May 27th, Wrapper’ DLite will be the subject of their filming!  They will be shooting their segment at the Wanderland Nash Food Truck Frenzy at Elmington Park between Noon and 6 PM!

Make sure you take time to go out and support our food trucks and get some amazing street eats!!!  This is great exposure for these food trucks as well as for our city!!!

Also, you know you wanna try the Macaroni and Cheese burger from Mere Bulles or the Biggie Smalls from Wrapper’s DLite!

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “Cooking Channel’s Eat St. Filming THIS WEEKEND in Nashville!

  1. Julie, love, love your blog! Can’t wait to try some trucks!

    • Thank you Wanda!!! I love love food trucks! I want others to too!!! There is a weekly Food Truck Frenzy on our side of town every Wednesday at Hermitage Church of Christ! Always an awesome variety of trucks there!!! Should come out!! 🙂

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