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Reviews, Location Updates, Weekly Food Truck Frenzies!

I’ll be adding a new page in the coming weeks as I gather more information on food trucks and start officially reviewing their food and the experience.  I want to clarify that my Delta Bound review WAS a review.  But I did only have one item off of their menu.  I’ll give an official review after I’ve visited their truck at least one more time.  I really wanted to post and get attention to them on their first weekend out.  And, it really appears that Nashville kept them busy!

I’ve started to update the ‘Location Location Location’ tab which I will continue to do daily as I hear from trucks as to their locations.  Again, I will do my best to keep that as updated as possible.  I may also have a new text message delivery method for you.  I just need to do a little research on my end.

Food trucks move from place to place, but there are a few places where you can consistently find them.  There are a few weekly “Food Truck Frenzy” events at the same locations each week.  It is not the same trucks each week.  It will give you a regular spot to go find the trucks in your area.  Hermitage has a weekly Food Truck Frenzy at 4004 Lebanon Road at the Hermitage Church of Christ.  There is always a LOT of tailgating going on here!  Friday Food Truck Frenzy happens each week at 1608 Woodmont Boulevard at the YWCA in Green Hills.  And we’ve heard that there is a new Saturday Weekly Frenzy popping up somewhere in East Nashville.  Details as we receive them!

I really hope that you all are enjoying this blog.  I would love feedback on what items you would love to see more of.  I’ll be updating reviews and tips as the weeks go on.

I just want to thank all of you that have checked out my blog!  I love food trucks and I hope that I can get more folks along the food truck love mobile with me!

-FTJ Julie

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