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Hoss’ Loaded Burger…Stuffed Burgers Have Never Been So Good!

It’s hard to put a lot of awesome into words.  And Hoss’ Loaded Burgers stuffs their burgers with so much awesome, it’s taking me a little longer to write this post.

My first time having Hoss’ wasn’t really a true visit.  It was one of the first times that Food Trucks had come to Hermitage, but I got caught up at work and couldn’t go personally.  So a co-worker kindly went and got us both burgers.  He got there shortly before 2 so it was a little late and they were starting to run out of ingredients.  I had anticipated this was going to be the case.  So I was bummed but not upset to find out that they were out of pineapple.  I had ordered the “Big Kahuna” Burger.  So no pineapple, but my burger was topped with teriyaki sauce and stuffed with swiss cheese and awesomeness.  The burger was SO unbelievably juicy.  And it was so much better than I could have imagined or had even anticipated.  It made me immediately say “Julie, you need to go back again next time they are near and get this WITH the pineapple!”  I also had an order of the Rosemary Parmesan Fries.  I like the fries, but the burger is definitely what stood out for me.  I have since had the Big Kahuna WITH the pineapple.  As good as it was without the pineapple, it was that much better WITH the pineapple.

Well, luckily 2 weeks later, Hoss’ returned to the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy.  I jubilantly went over myself.  And to not miss any ingredients, I went shortly after the trucks opened their windows.  I ended up ordering ‘The Hoss” Burger.  I attempted to eat this in my car since I had gone alone.  “The Hoss” is topped BBQ sauce, onion string crispers, bacon, and cilantro and stuffed with cheddar.  I am one of those who believe that bacon makes EVERYTHING better.  And bacon and burger?  It’s like Julie heaven.  So to have this amazing burger with all this goodness on top AND bacon, just beyond amazing.  The thing about a good burger is it should be messy.  If you don’t like a messy burger, eat a salad.  After I had finished eating “The Hoss”, I looked down to discover that I had a whole mess of meat juice on my top.  And I had to go back to the office.  Luckily, my apartment is on the way back to work so I could quickly change.  I laughed at myself, because frankly, I find that to be a sign of a good burger!  I again got the fries and I like them more this time.

Shortly after this, Hoss’ via Twitter had announced a new burger concoction and that they were looking for a name.  A burger to be stuffed with Muenster cheese and topped with arugula, white truffle aioli, and watercress.  I immediately tweeted back to them “The Herman Muenster”.  Most people will know exactly the play on words.  But for those that do not, it’s a play off of the The Munsters tv character, Herman Munster.  They ended up picking the name “The Herman.”  And since I was the first to tweet it to them, I won a free Herman and the cool factor that I named a burger at their truck!!!

So the next visit, I hit the truck and got “The Herman.”  The white truffle aioli completely makes this burger.  And people, do not be afraid by arugula or watercress!  Let a wonderful burger introduce you to some amazing new flavors!  The white truffle aioli was new to me.  And I’ve been a fan ever since.  I actually prefer “The Herman” over every burger at Hoss’.  And I promise that it is not just because  I named it!  On this visit, I asked them if I could get an order of fries without the Rosemary Parmesan.  And they did.  It was a super special request and they honored it.  And I have to say, I really liked the plain fries best of the 3 times I tried them.  However, when I eat at Hoss’, the burger is really all the meal I need.  I’m normally so full I don’t have room for fries anyways!

Couple bonus points for Hoss’: 1. They have Square available as a payment option.  2. They have a loyalty program.  If you are unsure what Square is, visit my Tips and Sage Advice tab!  For the loyalty card, I also have that information listed on the Tips and Sage Advice tab.  If you don’t have a card, ask them for one!  Buy 9 burgers, get the 10th one free!

The thing for me that totally makes Hoss’ stand out for me and makes them one of my favorite trucks?  The personal touch.  They know me by name.  And they knew me by name after 1 visit.  Even when I don’t visit their truck at a frenzy, they still wave and say “Hey Julie!”  My boyfriend and I were at the Meet N 3 at the Farmers Market when Dallas came out of the truck and walked over.  He said “It’s my favorite burger people!”  And then he chatted with us for a bit.  Again, I’m a ginormous fan of customer service.  And the personal touch is there in spades.  In fact, I’ve even shared some of my homemade cupcakes with them!  It’s a huge compliment to me that if I bring some they try them out.

Hoss’ impresses me every time I see them out.  And their food continues to shine.  I’m excited to see what future burgers they will come up with.  I’m always more excited just to see them out!

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers – Stuffed burgers have never been so good!

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