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Friday Food Truck Lunch Pictures

I headed over in the heat to the FiftyForward Senior Center here in Donelson for their monthly Friday Food Truck Rumble.  I really enjoyed the fact that they let you inside the building to eat in the air conditioned cafeteria there. But enough of that.  I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves today! […]

Friday is HOT Day for Food Trucks!

I want to start this post by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Dallas over at Hoss’ Loaded Burgers!  Hope you have a sellout busy birthday!!!  I’ll bring you a cupcake next time I see ya! There are over a dozen food trucks out between 11 AM and 2 PM on this hot Friday!!!!!  The temperature is […]

Just Had To Share This

I drove out to Two Rivers Corporate Centre today where both Peanut Butter Paradise and Music City Cravings were set up. I got The Zen from Peanut Butter Paradise and was quickly reminded why it was my favorite of their sandwiches.  I ate it so fast, I forgot to get a picture. I did get […]

Making A Meal At A Food Truck Frenzy

So I look forward to Wednesdays.  Partly because I am only in the office in the morning, but mainly because Wednesday is Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy Day!  Jim and I typically get there early and stick around for around an hour or more.  And we enjoy seeing all the regulars come through.  And I have […]

Hot Days Ahead!

So everyone has probably been made well aware of the fact that starting Thursday through the weekend, the temperature is going to be INSANE!  Today, Wednesday, probably not so bad, but it will still be in the high 90s!  So still very hot! If you are thinking that it’s too hot for food trucks and […]

Monday Monday…

Well, I had an awesome food truck weekend.  I cannot wait for more food trucks this week. As the food trucks post their weekly schedules, I will update the Locations tab.  And if you see a truck out and about, let me know on Twitter (@FTJ_Julie)!  Mondays are a little slow for food trucks, but […]

Tasty Saturday at Centennial Park

Boy oh boy!!!  Did Jim and I fill our bellies on Saturday!!!!!  I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who loves food trucks as much as I do and will split food with me!  I never would have been able to enjoy as much as I did on Saturday without him! Even though it was […]