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Mere Bulles Truck – Bringing Phenomenal Gourmet Eats To the Streets!

For a long long time, I have wanted to try “Chicken and Waffles.”  I love chicken.  I love waffles.  How could that combination be wrong?  And I couldn’t for the life of me think of why I had never had such a wonderful duet of food before!  So I had sort of gone on a mission searching out where I could get chicken and waffles.  It was more difficult than I imagined.  My boyfriend commented a few days later that one of the food trucks, Mere Bulles, had chicken and waffles.  Excitement immediately mounted!  I had heard the name Mere Bulles because I knew the high class reputation of their physical restaurant in Brentwood.  So I knew that the truck would have to have the same high class reputation.

They had made it over to the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy shortly after I heard this news.  Unfortunately, Chicken and Waffles did not make it on their menu.  I contemplated getting their Mac & Cheese burger, but ultimately settled on the Big L’talian from Wrapper’s Delight.  Unfortunately, that did nothing but make me want Chicken and Waffles even more.  And it also gave me food envy to everyone I saw with a Mac & Cheese burger.  Nothing against Wrapper’s Delight, because the Big L’talian was tasty.  But I should have gone with my gut and got Mere Bulles on this visit.  Shame on me for not!

Two weeks later, Mere Bulles tweeted they were going to be back in Donelson on a Tuesday.  Knowing how excited I was, my boyfriend tweeted the truck the night before they were scheduled to be in Donelson.  He requested chicken and waffles.  Within moments, they had responded that they would have it!  I was SUPER stoked.  Tweeting them back that I was doing the Balky Bartokomus “Dance of Joy” (ala 80s sitcom Perfect Strangers).

So on a perfect food truck Tuesday, my boyfriend and I wandered over to the Mere Bulles truck and both ordered Chicken and Waffles.  A picture of it is posted above.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience for both Mere Bulles Truck and chicken and waffles.  To start, the waffle was perfectly crispy on the outside and nice and warm and bready on the inside.  The chicken was about a 4-5 ounce boneless chicken breast that was perfectly breaded and fried.  They topped it with a drizzle of syrup and then a strawberry on the side.  Sometimes, I will crave something so badly.  I will have in my head exactly how I want it to taste.  And 9 times out of 10, when I finally give in, it is a major letdown and does not live up to the hype.  This however, was that 1 time that did live up to the hype.  And it exceeded any expectation I had in my head of what I wanted it to taste like.  And for $8, I was full.  And I felt satisfied.

Secondly, because of the tweets the night before, when I walked up to the truck, they already knew who I was and what I wanted.  Again, if you have been following my blog, I’m big on the customer service.  So this was a big plus for me.

As it were, the following day was the weekly Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy.  And Mere Bulles was there once again!  So this time, I knew I was gonna get the Mac & Cheese burger.  Before I even made it up to the truck, Megan had already called out, “Hey Julie!”  I realize she had just seen me the day before, but this impressed me a lot.  When my burger came out, it was mammoth…ginormous even.  It was oozing in white bechamel/cheese saucy wonderfulness.  Topped with bacon and a fried mac & cheese ball.  It also had spicy onions and pickles.  I am not a fan of the pickle.  Texture, taste, or smell…blech!  My boyfriend was kind enough to pick these off for me.  Under normal circumstances, I probably would not have eaten the burger.  But I wanted to try this pretty badly.  Shockingly enough, I couldn’t taste any pickle taste at all.  The spicy taste from the onions and the bechamel sauce totally overpowered any leftover pickle-pocolypse that a normal burger would have.  I ate the whole thing without any problem.  My dad will be proud that I ate something a pickle had touched!  Ha!  Again, for $8, I was beyond full.  There are so many good things about this burger.  It’s like cramming so many good childhood things into a burger.  Mac & cheese, bacon, burger.  Unfortunately, I was so into this burger, I completely forgot to take a picture.  My belly sometimes gets in the way of my blogging needs.

After 2 back-to-back days of Mere Bulles Truck, I was officially a fan.  They constantly rotate their menu items, so you have to wait until you walk up to the truck to know what they will have.  But some of their favorite go to items are the chicken and waffles, mac & cheese burger, and crab cake sliders (which I have yet to try!).  I have since had quite a variety of items from Mere Bulles.  Steak Fajita soup, Italian Sausage Hoagie, Bratwurst (not pictured), house chips, and Blue Cheese Chips.  I have never been disappointed in any of my selections.  Although, I do wish the bratwurst had been grilled.  Still tasty though!

The steak fajita soup was just the right level of spicy and was perfect for a 50 degree day.  The hoagie for the Italian Sausage Hoagie was so delicious.  The sausage was grilled to perfection.  The cheese was melty goodness.  But if you have a chance to get the Blue Cheese Chips, do it.  So completely do it!  Split them with a friend, but don’t deprive yourself.  They. Are. Amazing!

Now, since I am nit picky about customer service, I want to point out that Megan and Peanut run an awesome truck.  I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Megan.  Always a smile.  Always upbeat.  Always remembers me and my boyfriend.  When she has a spare moment, I can always stop by the truck and chat with her for a bit.  In fact, when they are at a food truck frenzy, I always make a point to say ‘bye’ before leaving.  As a side note, if you are at Wanderland or a food truck frenzy, and Megan has the cornhole out…watch your back.  She’s a total ringer!!!!!!

Mere Bulles Truck recently filmed a segment for an upcoming episode of Eat St. on The Cooking Channel.  They are so deserving of this!  Unfortunately, their days got switched for filming and I couldn’t attend, but my boyfriend did.  So hopefully, he’ll get a little cable fame!  Ha!  I will definitely be posting when their episode airs!!!!!

So Mere Bulles does have a restaurant in Brentwood.  I knew that they did.  I have known about it for years.  It is a classy gourmet higher end Brentwood establishment.  But, it was the food truck that made me want to try out the restaurant and not the other way around.  Megan had told my boyfriend about their Sunday brunch.  (Again, as we go, you’ll learn, I love breakfast!) So we went and tried it yesterday.  The brunch was probably one of the best brunches I’ve ever had.  Made-to-Order pancakes, waffles, and omelets, creme brulee french toast, chocolate fountain of seriously amazingness.  Plus the restaurant is really nice.  But, I felt like the customer service from the truck is much better than what I received at the restaurant.  And the food from the truck is the same quality as the restaurant.  Plus the truck comes to me!

I know that with Mere Bulles Truck, I will never be disappointed in the food.  And I know that I will be treated like a friend.  Megan and Peanut are bringing the high end gourmet restaurant food to the streets of Nashville.  And that is totally what makes Mere Bulles a winning food truck, in my opinion!

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