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Mere Bulles Truck Review and Updates

Sorry all! My day job has been overloading me with work. What’s up with that!!!???

I am still working on the Mere Bulles Truck review. I’ve started it. But I just can’t seem to get enough time today to finish it. I promise to get it posted today though!

I have updated and added a few new trucks and also updated as much as I know regarding locations of trucks. Gonna be a weird week for the trucks I think with so much action the last few weeks with Eat St filming and then the Great Food Truck Race. Then this week kicks off the CMA Fest downtown and this weekend is the Bonnaroo Music Festival. I think some trucks will have a lighter week while others will take advantage of the downtown food truck areas with the CMA folks. Wrapper’s Delight is taking the week off and will return after Bonnaroo. And we know of several other trucks who plan to be downtown Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday.

Keep checking back to the Locations tab, I am doing my best to keep it updated!

And check back later for that Mere Bulles review!!!

-FTJ Julie


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