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A New Review Coming This Week And a Friendly Reminder!

Got some amazing pictures last night from my stalking visit to Biscuit Love Truck!!  Also got some more information for my upcoming review on Biscuit Love which should post probably tomorrow night, but maybe tonight if I get done with my day job early enough!  There may be even a sweet love story!  And I’m not just talking about me and Chef Karl’s biscuits.  Ha!

So make sure to check back for that review!!!  I’ll also tweet out the link too.  So make sure you are following me at @PredJules77!

I also want to send a shout out to all of the “sweets” food trucks.  As summer is nearly upon us and the heat and humidity are about to hit us, save room for some ice cream, cupcakes, root beer floats, shaved ice, sno cones, and so many more sweet treats.  We know you love the food trucks serving up the main meals, but please make sure to save some room for the desserts, or grab a dessert to go!!!

Hit and Miss Ice Cream has a Root Beer Float that when I ordered from Bradley, we declared it as the “Drink of the Summer”!  And at a reasonably priced $4, it will definitely cool you off on a hot and humid afternoon!!!!

From Moovers and Shakers to Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes, from RetroSno to Mean Green Ice Cream Machine to Blue Monkey Shaved Ice…There’s bound to be a tasty dessert truck near to help you beat that summer heat!!!  So save room in your belly and make sure these folks get your patronage too!!!!

I’m off to the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy!  There are over 10 trucks out and about today!  What will you try???  I hope it’s something new (or something about to be retired like “The Big Kahuna Burger” from Hoss’).

-FTJ Julie

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