What Did YOU Have For Lunch Today?

So I went to my weekly lunch date with the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy!  I visited Dallas at Hoss’ Loaded Burgers to get my last Big Kahuna Burger as this is the last week it will be on the menu.  I also visited Lisa and Bill at Peanut Butter Paradise to get their new Smores Sandwich.  I then topped off the trip with a visit to Tammy at Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes for a Strawberries & Cream Cupcake to take home with me!!!

I’m really excited to find out what new burger will be on the Hoss’ menu next week.  And I was super excited to see Peanut Butter Paradise’s new items including the Smores Sandwich, Peanut Butter Banana Bread Muffins, AND even peanut butter treats for the pup pups!!!!!

So what did you try out today????

-FTJ Julie

12 comments on “What Did YOU Have For Lunch Today?

  1. Julie,
    You obviously didn’t try the peanut butter banana bread muffin, or you wouldn’t be excited about it at all. It was a brick, burned on the outisde, dense, very little flavor, completely unappetizing. I wish I had gone for Wrapper’s Delight dessert wrap instead. I’ve had it before and it’s awesome.

    I tried the L-Talian wrap from Wrapper’s Delight. OK, not great. The peppers and onions overpowered the sausage. It would have helped if they were grilled, not raw. Mere Bulle’s italan sausage hogie is much better.

    Both Wrapper’s Delight and the Hot Truck skipped on the breakfast items, which is what I had planned to sample. I really wish these trucks would follow through on their “everyday” menu items. They’re certainly stretching the concept of everyday.

    For me, a disappointing day at the food trucks. Oh well. Live and learn.

    • Mark,

      I hate hearing when someone didn’t have a good food truck day. I have had a few myself. So I know how you feel.

      I appreciate hearing your review of the muffin as I have not had it. I am still looking forward to trying it though. I have enjoyed everything that I have had from PB Paradise. So I still feel excited to try it. It is a new item on their menu and as they receive feedback, the muffin can only get better for it.

      I do agree with you that the Mere Bulle’s Italian Sausage Hoagie is quite delicious. I have had the Big L-Talian from Wrapper’s Delight as well. It’s been about 2-3 months though since I had that. I remember thinking it was good, but it could have used more sausage. So I could see how one could get overpowered if there were more peppers and onions than sausage.

      As far as the breakfast items, I would suggest to you that next time you go to Wrapper’s Delight or The Hot Truck, maybe you inquire about their breakfast items. I definitely cannot speak for the trucks. But I know if you ask them, they will be more than happy to let you know why it was not on the menu. And if they didn’t have it because of what they perceived as lack of interest, well, now they know there is interest!

      Every truck operator I have spoken with they really take to heart the feedback they get back. And they love hearing from the patrons about what you think about their product. What they can do better or what they are already doing well!

      I really hate that you had a disappointing food truck day. I hope you won’t let that deter you from the food trucks in the future. There are definitely better experiences awaiting you!!!

      And thank you again for your feedback!!! I really appreciate hearing it!

      -FTJ Julie

      • My pleasure, Julie. Love your blog. We’ve spoken a several occasions at the frenzy.

        Wrapper’s Delight said they didn’t have eggs that day. The Hot Truck said their breakfast items just didn’t sell when they had them previously, so I can understand. They have limited space.

        My biggest problem with the muffin was that it was clearly black on the outside (the part that was in the pan). If I had been at a restaurant, that would have gone back in a second. They never should have served it. If I could see it, I’m sure they could, too. My problem was I didn’t notice it until I was already back at work. I did try their Hunka sandwich last week; it was quite good. I’m still working up the nerve to try the one with curry, tho. 🙂

        Regardless of this day not getting the best stuff, I’m quite grateful to have the frenzy there every Wednesday. We don’t have a ton of selection for lunch places here in Hermitage. Given the crowds I’ve seen, many others agree with me.

  2. Well that might be the only thing from the Peanut Butter Truck that wasnt a home run. I think you should blame your disapointment on your choice of truck, rather then 1 desert item you didnt enjoy.

    • Well, Jim, that would be hard to do since I bought items from 3 different trucks, 2 of whom I had previous good experiences with. Regardless, I just chalk it up to experience. The muffin was awful, but the wrap was ok (just ok, and it suffers in comparison to the hoagie from Mere Bulles). I was really wanting their breakfast wrap, but they didn’t have it.

      I still haven’t tried the Twisted Chicken that I got from the Hot Truck. It was going to be supper last night, but I left it at work.

  3. I really hate to hear there was an unsatisfied customer from a muffin @ Peanut Butter Paradise. I’m sure the ‘Constructive’ Criticism, directly to PBP would help Alot! They are very friendly and deserve to know if something is wrong with anything they serve. 🙂

    • Lisa and Bill are super super nice! And I can’t wait to try this muffin out now. I know they do read the blog, So they probably have seen the comments. But I agree. I know they will take what they hear to heart, positive or negative, to make their offerings better! I’m hoping to run into them at the American Artisan Festival this weekend. So I’ll probably chat with them for a moment then to see if they read it or not.

      Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate hearing feedback too!

  4. LOL…I guess it takes a big Critic to bring the others to prove that one wrong??!! 😉

  5. Julie, Stop by the truck this weekend and I will give you a muffin to get your feedback. I know you will be totally honest.
    Mark, I’m so sorry you weren’t happy with the muffin at all…If you stop by the truck I will give you another to try just make sure we know you are Mark from this blog. I assure you that we pride ourselves with Customer Service and Quality Items. I would never let a burnt anything leave the truck. I really want you to have a great experience anytime you visit our truck. You all have a great weekend!

  6. Woo Hoo!! It’s always a pleasure to see you Julie!! 🙂

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