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I’ve Got Big Love for Biscuit Love!!

So I realize that pretty much every review that I have written so far sounds like I have a major food truck crush.  And this is going to be no different, because I have some SERIOUS food truck love for Biscuit Love Truck!!!

So Tuesday night, I did a little Biscuit Love stalking and followed them to Corsair Taproom (just a few yards from Marathon Music Works).  I went and chatted with Chef Karl Worley.  I’ve really been enjoying getting to know more background of the trucks.  And I hope it makes for a better review.  I think my number one question is always, “How did you decide on your truck concept?”  Chef Karl said that originally he had wanted to do a hot chicken truck.  He had thought through the pros and cons and wasn’t fully sold.  There is only so much you can do with hot chicken.  And if you aren’t in that hot chicken target audience, there wasn’t going to be much at the truck for you.  So after mulling around ideas, he ultimately looked at his wife and said “What is the one thing that I make that you love the most?”  And Sarah replied, “Your biscuits.”  And voila!  Biscuit Love!

I then inquired about his culinary background.  Chef Karl started this story about how he had started dating this girl named Sarah.  She made mention to him that she was going to culinary school in Denver, so they could not get serious.  To which, he replied, “I’ve always wanted to go to culinary school.  If I go with you, could this get serious?”  So he followed Sarah out to Denver for culinary school.  And now they are married with a rambunctious young daughter.  After a brief stint out on the East coast, they came home to Nashville.  And they started to make their food truck dream a reality.  A family friend, who also is a restaurateur, had tried his hand at food trucks back a few years ago and didn’t feel it would work.  Perhaps if he had waited about one more year!  But lucky for us, Chef Karl and Sarah are making use of his food truck and working towards getting one of their own.  This is the story of why they are in the red JayJay’s truck!

Okay, I think it’s time to get on with the foodie part!!!!!  There are only 2 items off of his menu that I have not had.  The John T and The Wash Park.  He only had the John T one night and it was a catfish biscuit with a creole sauce.  And the Wash Park he had sold out of earlier Tuesday afternoon!  Dag nab it!!!!!

The Princess

The Princess, is a hot chicken biscuit.  Chef Karl is able to mix his original food truck idea into his current menu.  If you are a hot chicken fan, a true Nashville hot chicken fan, you will understand the name of this biscuit.  My boyfriend has decided to call this “The Legit”, because it is legit hot chicken.  This biscuit comes with an amazingly breaded and fried piece of hot chicken, honey, HOMEMADE pickles, and HOMEMADE mustard.  Not only is this biscuit legit, but Chef Karl making his own pickles and mustard…That is legit!  Now obviously, we all know that I’m not a fan of pickles or mustard.  So when I order this sandwich no pickles or mustard.  And I LOVE this biscuit.  The chicken is a thigh piece.  So it’s extra juicy and tender.  The breading on the chicken is perfect and crisp.  And it is spicy hot.  My palate for spicy has increased the last 6 months.  I can only just barely handle it.  I would recommend having some Thai Tea, beer, or milk nearby.  And the biscuit.  Chef Karl’s biscuits are everything a perfect biscuit should be.  I can’t even begin to describe them.  Because when I do, I go to this happy place in the land of Chef Karl’s biscuits and find I’ve lost 15 minutes daydreaming of them……………………And I’m back…  Chef Karl is going to be featuring this biscuit at the Hot Chicken Festival in East Nashville on the 4th of July!  This will be the only biscuit on the menu that day!!!  So if you go, make sure to stop by his truck and see for yourself that this biscuit belongs in the company of Nashville’s legit hot chicken joints!!!!

The East Nasty

The East Nasty.  Oh wow did I have a major food coma on Tuesday.  Again, Chef Karl uses a chicken thigh.  It’s one of the winning things about his chicken biscuits.  Homemade gravy with sausage bought locally.  This sausage gravy is freaking ridiculous.  I could probably eat it as a soup.  But let’s just get dirty and pour it over a perfect piece of fried chicken and a mind numbingly good biscuit.  That is what this biscuit is.  You can actually eat this as a sandwich.  You just have to have some skills and use the wrapper so the gravy doesn’t drip out.  Me?  I choose to use a fork and knife.  The East Nasty is what biscuits and gravy SHOULD BE!!!!!!

Biscuit with Lemon Curd and Seasonal Jam (Pictured is Blackberry)

The lemon curd on this biscuit is sick.  It is basically…well…phenomenal.  Chef Karl makes homemade jams based on what fruit is in season.  Last month, he had homemade strawberry jam.  This month, blackberries.  This is one thing that will always keep this biscuit fresh.  The different fruits.  Again, he makes HOMEMADE jams.  Thing about homemade anything.  It always tastes better.   And this blackberry jam was outrageous.  The lemon curd though, really is what makes this biscuit.  It is sweet, but not tart.  It is smooth in texture and compliments the flavor of the biscuit so immensely.  I’ve had biscuits with fruit preserves.  But the flavor of the lemon curd mixed with the blackberry jam and the delicious flavor of the  biscuit…it’s really like I’ve had a biscuit with fruit jam for the first time.  And I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to a non-Biscuit Love biscuit with non-Biscuit Love lemon curd and fruit jam.  It’s seriously ruined all other plain biscuits for me.  Even the Loveless Cafe.  And yes, I find Chef Karl’s homemade blackberry jam better than Loveless Cafe.

Now I don’t have a good picture of it, but I have had “The Gertie.”  The Gertie is their dessert biscuit (although the biscuit with lemon curd and jam could be too!).  It has caramelized banana jam, housemade peanut butter with pretzel crunch, and Olive & Sinclair chocolate gravy.  Someone at the Corsair Taproom asked Chef Karl if it was a “Reese’s Peanut Butter” Biscuit.  He explained that he had wanted to do an Elvis inspired biscuit, but he wanted to do a different sort of take on it.  And the Gertie is the result.  It is sweet.  It is peanut buttery and chocolatey.  And you cannot go wrong there.  The Gertie was the first biscuit I had from Biscuit Love truck back in May at the Meet N 3 event at the Farmer’s Market.  So it’s been a little while since I had it.  I think I need to “refresh” my memory on this biscuit!  *wink wink*

Now, Biscuit Love has introduced a new biscuit that I unfortunately did not get to try.  It is called “The Wash Park” and has 1/3 lb grass fed burger with a fried egg, havarti cheese, and bacon jam.  Oh bacon jam.  For reals?  My boyfriend has had it and said that the bacon jam is ridiculously good.

I want to give props to Chef Karl and Sarah.  They are getting their ingredients locally.  And not just that, but they are making as much as they can themselves.  With the exception of the burger, the chicken thighs, sausage, and bacon, they literally make everything else.  Mustard, pickles, biscuits, jam.  This increases the taste of everything they serve.  I mean for reals.  Who else do you know who MAKES THEIR OWN MUSTARD!!!!!??  It’s awesome!  Even if I don’t eat mustard, I still think that is awesome.  It means he wants a specific high quality.  If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.  And Chef Karl and Sarah are proving this biscuit after biscuit.

There are so many things they can do with biscuits.  Things they wouldn’t have been able to do with a hot chicken truck.  The possibilities here are nearly endless.  I for one will continue to stalk this truck.  And I may have heard a rumor that Chef Karl may be adding a pickled jalapeno as an option to one of his biscuits!  Homemade pickled jalapeno…doesn’t that just spice up your curiousity to check out this truck even more!!!!!

The biscuits are ridiculous delicious.  But then to find out that everything is from scratch, it’s outrageous.  I have so much love for Biscuit Love.  And it’s only a matter of time before all of Nashville and Middle Tennessee discover what I already have…Love for Biscuit Love!

-FTJ Julie

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