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Holy Friday Batman! The Food Trucks Are ALL OVER!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I posted a review last night for Biscuit Love Truck.  You can check it out by clicking HERE.  I hope you will check them out this weekend.  I know they will be at Yazoo Taproom tonight from 4-8 and tomorrow at The Porter Flea Festival at Marathon Music Works all day.  Note: The Porter Flea Festival is a FREE arts and crafts festival!  Tell them the Food Truck Junkie sent you!!!

I count no less than 14 food trucks that will be in action with windows up today during lunch!!!  I’ll repeat that.  No less than 14 food trucks will be in action with windows up today during lunch!!!

I urge everyone to try something new this weekend.  We all have our favorite trucks or “safe” food items (burgers, wraps, grilled cheese, etc…).  But I urge you to try the burger with ingredients you don’t know (white truffle aioli, watercress, etc).  Try the concoctions you aren’t so sure about (shrimp & grits, curry and peanut butter, burger with fried egg, etc…).  Never tried Cajun food because you’ve never been to a Cajun restaurant?  Several trucks have some Cajun foods on their menu (Jonbalaya and Delta Bound, for example).  Look to try out some gourmet fare from Riff’s.  Riff’s is serving everything from gourmet Mac & Cheese to Jerked Chicken Breast to a Caribbean Burger.  And don’t leave out Mojito Watermelon Slices or Brisket Tacos.

From today through Sunday, you are going to find most of the trucks at the American Artisan Festival in Centennial Park.  Just a few miles away at the Porter Flea Festival in Marathon Music Works will be most of the remaining trucks. So if you want your pick of truck, visit one of these 2 festivals.  Both are free and you could probably hit them both the same day they are so close!  And yes, there will be several trucks scattered throughout the city who are not at the festivals.  I’ll try to keep up with the Location Location Location tab as much as possible!

There are so many food trucks all with amazing eats.  Get out there and try them all!  I am here to help you get to the street eats!!!!  It’s easy for me to always go Hoss’ or Mere Bulles.  Even though I love them both, I would miss out on so much if I only went to them!  Have you had a truck before?  If your answer is yes, then look for the truck that you have never eaten from.  And if you have eaten from all the trucks there, find the menu item you have not tried yet.

I’m planning to hit the American Artisan Festival and possibly Porter Flea both this weekend.  And Wanderland at Elmington Park will also have trucks both Saturday and Sunday.  And that is just a few miles from both of the festivals as well!!!!

See you at the trucks!!!  What will you try today???

-FTJ Julie

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