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Busy Food Truck Weekend!!!

It was a busy weekend for the food trucks.  If the truck you wanted wasn’t at the American Artisan Festival on Saturday, then they were at Marathon Music Works for The Porter Flea Festival.  And the public was NOT shying away from the trucks!  It was great to see!!!

I had a photo from The Porter Flea, but it did not turn out as I had wanted.  And I couldn’t really get the angle to show all the trucks as I wanted.  But I did hit both Festivals on Saturday.  This picture is from the American Artisan Festival: Nashville Food Truck Association Trucks – Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, Peanut Butter Paradise, Smoke Et Al, and Retro Sno were all in attendance.

While I was at the American Artisan Festival, I was able to try out the Peanut Butter Paradise Peanut Butter Banana Bread Muffin.  Try saying that 10 times fast!!!  They split the muffin in half and drizzle it with caramel.  It was warm.  It was moist.  It tasted exactly like I would expect something called a peanut butter banana bread muffin to taste.  The only thing I thought that it lacked was nuts.  As an option, they could put the nuts on top of the drizzled caramel to aid in the presentation.  So for the person who doesn’t like nuts in their muffins, they could just leave them off.  All in all, for $2, it isn’t a bad light dessert option.

I had a great time at both festivals getting to talk to the food trucks.  I’ve got some great things coming to this blog very soon!!!  And I have a HUGE announcement tomorrow night!  So check back tomorrow night around 9:30 to read the exciting news!!!!  Or follow me on twitter: @PredJules77!!!

As a note, I’m thinking of changing my handle to FTJJulie on twitter so that it matches my blog.   I’ll let you know when that becomes official!

I’m also super excited for Sum Yum Yum to make it out to the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy this Wednesday!  I feel a new review coming late this week!!!!  I hope Sum Yum Yum is ready for some Food Truck Junkie action!  Ha!  I love when new food trucks make it to this side of town!!!

See you all at the trucks!!!  What will you try today?!

-FTJ Julie



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