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Hoss’ Loaded Burger Introduces New Menu Items!!!!

So as sad as it is to lose the Big Kahuna Burger, the Hoss’ crew is introducing 2 new menu items.

Taking the place of the Big Kahuna Burger is the brand new burger called “The Blackbird.”  This burger is stuffed with colby-jack cheese and topped with blackened spices, mayo, lettuce and bacon.  I’m really super excited to try this burger.  There is not one ingredient listed that I don’t like…um…and bacon!!!

They now also have blackened spice fries on the menu.  They will be weaning out the sweet potato fries and replacing them with the blackened spice fries.  So until they run out, you can get sweet potato fries.  But once they are gone, well, they are gone!!!  And if I remember correctly, the sweet potato fries will no longer be on the menu.  But they only have them until the current inventory is gone.

The blackened spice fries have been tested out for the last week on the Hoss’ truck.  This past Wednesday, I tried a few from my boyfriend’s order.  And well, it was impressive.  I think I bogarted half of his order.  Normally, I bypass ordering fries, because the burger fills me up on it’s own.  But these blackened spice fries are just that good, that I’m going to have to order them from now on.

For those of you that are sad about losing the Big Kahuna Burger, don’t be too sad.  It will eventually make it’s way back to the menu.  I like the rotation of the burgers on the menu.  It keeps it interesting and it keeps it fresh.  Always something new at these food trucks.  I love it!!!

So, who will be the first one to try the Blackbird???  Hoss’ will be at Highland Ridge off of Marriott Drive on Wednesday!!  First time available to the general public!!!!  Tweet me a picture!!!!

-FTJ Julie


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