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Big Announcement Time!!!

When I started my blog barely a month ago, I had no idea of what the reception would be from everyone and the food trucks.  My goal was always to help spread my love of food trucks and help to promote the profile of the trucks in Nashville.  I wanted to help everyone find the trucks.  It’s been overwhelming the positive reactions that I have had not only from the trucks, but also from the patrons I meet at the trucks.  I really appreciate all of the feedback!

But I had no idea what would happen early last week.  I received a message from the Nashville Food Truck Association.  And after a phone call, I was told that NFTA had discussed having an official blogger and that I was the one that they had decided on.  They wanted to know if I would consider it.  After a few conversations to discuss the logistics, I accepted.  I am so completely honored and still in a bit of shock that I was even considered!!!!

This Nashville Food Truck Junkie is now the OFFICIAL fan blogger for the Nashville Food Truck Association.

What does this mean???  So many exciting things!

First off, most of my posts will appear not only here on NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com, but also on the Official Nashville Food Truck Association site at FoodTrucksNash.com!  There will also be more food truck information on that site as well.

Secondly and most importantly, this will give me some access to the trucks to be able to give you all a more in depth food truck experience.  I am coordinating to do a “Day in the Life of a Food Truck” where I go behind the scenes with a food truck.  I am also going to start a Q & A series with the food trucks.  I’m already planning the first Q & A with Smoke Et Al!

My goal on this site is still to get you to the trucks and to help you have a wonderful food truck experience.  And this will only help me do that for you…and do it better!!!

I am so honored to have been asked.  And I am excited at what I can bring you here at NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com AND at FoodTrucksNash.com!!!

I will be at no fewer than 3 food truck events this week.  So I hope to see you all out at the trucks!!!  I’m really excited to try Sum Yum Yum for the first time on Wednesday!!  I hope they are ready for a little Food Truck Junkie action!!!

What will you try today???!!!  I hope it’s something new and unusual!

-FTJ Julie

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