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It’s Gonna Be A Hot One!

Looks like this weekend is gonna be a bit of a scorcher!!!

So definitely make a stop by to your favorite dessert food trucks to help you beat the heat.  Dessert trucks Retro Sno, Blue Monkey Shaved Ice, Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes, Hit and Miss Ice Cream (3-6), Sugar Wagon and more will be at Centennial Park from 11 AM to 6 PM on Saturday.

If you are going to Centennial Park or another outdoor event with the food trucks this weekend, I have a few suggestions for you:

  1. If you are able to, bring a tent to create shade.
  2. Target has individual Coleman hand held fans that run on 2 AA batteries for $2.99.  Always handy to create a breeze when there isn’t one!!!  You can find these back in the sporting goods department in the camping aisle.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids!  We hear all the trucks have drinks from bottled water to delicious Thai Teas to Floats to Sweet Teas and Flavored Teas to Lemonade and anything you need to quench your thirst!!!
  4. If it’s too hot for you to go out and stay out, don’t let that deter you from visiting the food trucks.  I would suggest bringing a reusable bag like they sell at the grocery stores for 99 cents.  Then when you order your food from the truck, let them know you need it “To Go”.  Then you can put your food in the bag and it’s easy to carry home or where you are going that has air conditioning.  This is especially helpful if you plan on ordering food from several food trucks!!

I also want to say that when you go to a big event with lots of people and lots of trucks, the lines are bound to get a bit ridiculous.  So when you order your food, please remember that the trucks make the food to order.  It’s not pre-made stuff waiting to just be handed out.  So do have some patience.  Especially when the lines are long.  It may take a few extra minutes to get your order.  It is a lesson this food truck junkie needs to remember too and was reminded of very recently.

I’ll see you at the trucks this weekend!!!  What will you try?  I hope it’s not the normal same old same old!!!  I’m going to try some new menu items and try some new trucks as well!!!

So I am going to leave you with this picture from last night’s Thursday Night Food Fight in Franklin of a very adorable young lady keeping her cool with a “Rainbow” from the spunky brewster gals over at Retro Sno!


– FTJ Julie

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