Tasty Saturday at Centennial Park

Boy oh boy!!!  Did Jim and I fill our bellies on Saturday!!!!!  I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who loves food trucks as much as I do and will split food with me!  I never would have been able to enjoy as much as I did on Saturday without him!

Even though it was a hot hot hot afternoon, Centennial Park has so much shade available.  And the great thing is that the shade really drops the temperature to a more comfortable level.  There were 2 different areas where food trucks were setup.  Over at Musicians Corner, Retro Sno, Delta Bound, Hit and Miss Ice Cream, Wrapper’s Delight, Jonbalaya, and Sum Yum Yum were cooking it up for all the folks listening to the Half Brass Band.  This was a free area costing nothing to patrons who wanted to enjoy the music or the trucks, except the food of course.  Across the yard was the inaugural Dining Lot event.  To get to these trucks, you had to pay $7 at the gate and there was no food included in the cost.  There were at least 15 different food trucks or mobile vendors in this area.

I had purchased tickets online for the Dining Lot event saving myself only about 75 cents off the gate price, but I did not have to wait in line.  Jim and I walked in and strolled around to see who was where and to see what menu items interested us.  We stopped by Music City Cravings to chat for a few minutes.  The last time we saw them out, their truck was all white.  It has since been painted gold and red.  They had tweeted the night before that they were smoking some meats for the pizzas.  I loved smoked meats and I do love a good BBQ pizza.  I had asked for a little sample of the bbq pork and was treated to a slice of the BBQ pizza.

I really really liked this slice of pizza!!!  And at $4/slice, I feel this is a really decent value for your buck.  They didn’t overload the pizza with bbq sauce.  The chicken and pork were tender and tasty.  The cheese was perfectly melted.  And there were just enough onions to taste which I like!  I really liked the crust on this pizza.  It’s sturdy enough to hold the toppings, but it was a thinner crust.  It was crunchy on the bottom, but nice and soft and doughy on the top.  I’m really excited to see them out more and try some of their other menu offerings which they rotate constantly!!!  I am happy to note that they tweeted later in the day that they had SOLD OUT of pizza!!!  Super Congrats to them!

We then walked back down towards the entrance where Hoss’ Loaded Burgers was located.  I know I give lots of kudos to Dallas, Peter, and the whole crew there, but they deserve it.  Their burgers are always just amazing.  I wish I could come up with another word to fully say how amazing, but I’ll work on it.  I got off topic!  Ha!  This past week, Hoss’ introduced a new menu item, The BlackBird.  Even though I didn’t name this one, I think this may have taken it’s place as my new favorite over The Herman.

What I love about this burger is the thick cut bacon, the creamy texture of the mayo, the sweet and light taste of the lettuce, the perfectly grilled bun, and of course, the cheese filled burger.  But all those things are not what make this burger stand out.  It’s the blackened spices.  It adds this great salty spice flavor that I think I want on all my burgers from now on.  It’s another winner from Hoss and this burger is LOADED with flavor…not just cheese!!!!

After enjoying the burger on a picnic table over in the shade, we strolled over to Musicians Corner to visit with those trucks.  Wrapper’s Delight also introduced a new menu item this past week, a buffalo chicken wrap.  Now, buffalo sauce can be either really great or really bad.  There really is no in between.  And you also run the risk of it being too spicy or not spicy at all.  But I really wanted to try it out.  They are leaning towards naming it “The Bun-B”.  But I believe if you tweet them @WrappersDlite and they like your suggestion, you just may be the one who names their newest wrap!  So Jim and I ordered the buffalo chicken wrap.  And wow, I think this item needs to be made a permanent item!

We went with a plain flour tortilla for our wrap with ranch dressing on the side.  The buffalo sauce on this wrap…KILLER!!!  That sauce…man…I’m thinking about how good it was and now I want another one!!!  There is a good little kick with the sauce.  But even my light palate could handle it.  The sweet and cool lettuce and ranch helped cool the tang a bit.  The chicken was tender and delicious.  And the BACON…OMG.  I apparently had read over where it had bacon in it.  So when I took a bite and tasted the salty sweet bacon, I was surprised.  But in a good way!  I wasn’t expecting that flavor and yet it was there.  And it was so perfect with the buffalo sauce.  I will definitely be getting this wrap again!

After splitting a slice of pizza, a burger, and a wrap, Jim and I were feeling time to nosh on something sweet and refreshing.  So we strolled back over to the Dining Lot area and up to a truck neither of us had tried, The Sugar Wagon.  They specialize in homemade ice cream sandwiches.  They had 4 different options.  We chose the chocolate chip cookie with salted caramel ice cream, because we are both big fans of salted caramel.  The sandwiches are packaged individually.  Yes, they are still homemade.  But this allows the cookie to be frozen as a unit and it definitely makes for a better sandwich.  I’ve noticed when people try to make cookie ice cream sandwiches on site in the heat, the ice cream is softer and melting before they even hand it over.  So I really liked the packaging idea here.  Plus it cut down on their lines allowing them to serve more quicker!  The cookie was one of the better chocolate chip cookies I’ve had in a sandwich.  But that isn’t what stands out here.  It’s the salted caramel ice cream.

I love salted caramel.  Those two flavors just compliment each other so well.  And then you put that into an ice cream!  Are you freakin’ kidding me???  Dirty minds…but I love you for it!  It was definitely a perfect dessert on a hot day!  And as the ice cream started to soften from the heat, you really could taste more of the salty caramel goodness of the ice cream.  We ate this so fast, that it didn’t melt much.  I can’t wait to try them out some more.  I saw they had a chocolate chocolate cookie.  I do love me a good chocolate chocolate cookie!!!

After this, even though we wanted more (and we did have a thorough conversation), we decided that unfortunately, our bellies could not handle any more food without making us extremely sick with gluttony.  We had tried 3 new items we had never had before and 1 item from a new truck we had never tried before!  And we went 4 for 4 on the really tasty, not disappointed scale.  I was really happy that we didn’t just get the same old same old.

I hope if you all went out on Saturday to the trucks, you enjoyed your time as much as we did!!!  And I hope that you tried something you had not ever had before!

On a side note, I did change my twitter handle to @FTJ_Julie this week.  If you were already following me, just make a note of the change.

See you all at the trucks!!!  What will you try today?

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “Tasty Saturday at Centennial Park

  1. You should have gone to the Bean & Tater! they have the best meatloaf on the planet. The catfish and fried chicken are nothing to sneeze at either! Everything if good home cooking and the squash casserole is made from the grandmothers recipe. The owner, Shane Morgan, Has only been on the road for 3 1/2 weeks but is wonderful. Follow the Bean & Tater on Twitter

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