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Just Had To Share This

I drove out to Two Rivers Corporate Centre today where both Peanut Butter Paradise and Music City Cravings were set up.

I got The Zen from Peanut Butter Paradise and was quickly reminded why it was my favorite of their sandwiches.  I ate it so fast, I forgot to get a picture.

I did get a picture of the Pork Belly pizza from Music City Cravings.  I was going to eat both the sandwich and the pizza when I got back to my office a mere 8 miles away.  The pizza didn’t make it 1/2 a mile.  Well, partly because I got stuck in the traffic as we waited for the Presidential caravan to make it’s way.  So after a 10 minute sit, the slice was gone…and so were the chips from my Peanut Butter Paradise sandwich.

So I wanted to share a picture of this pizza from Music City Cravings.  As an FYI, anytime I try something new, I will ALWAYS try to share the pics with you.

The pork belly meat was tender and super flavorful.  I liked that because there were whole sliced tomatoes on top of the pizza, the pizza was lightly sauced.  There also wasn’t a lot of cheese on this pizza which I actually didn’t mind because there was so much going on.  Every bit was an explosion of different tastes.  I liked it.  I also noticed that this crust was a little bit thinner than the ones I have had before.  And I actually liked that as well!  I feel like every pizza I get from Ric and Kristy get better and better with each slice!

Give them a try!

They will be out at Two Rivers Corporate Centre until about 2 today and will be at the FiftyForward Friday Frenzy tomorrow from 11-1.  Tomorrow they will be introducing their “BeefLT” pizza.

See you all at the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie


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