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NFTA Brings Nashville New “Dining After Dark” For The Summer!

So I thought my day was made after I downloaded Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Posse on Broadway” and “Buttermilk Biscuits,” but I was wrong!

I just received notice that starting THIS FRIDAY, July 6th and THIS SATURDAY, July 7th, the Nashville Food Truck Association is bringing to downtown and to Nashville “Dining After Dark.”  This will run from 8 PM to Midnight every Friday and Saturday through THE END OF SUMMER!!!!!  They will be located at the “Court of Flags” which is right there where Broadway dead ends into 1st Avenue.

The extent of how awesome this is…well…it’s not really measurable!

This Friday, Jonbalay, Music City Cravings, Peanut Butter Paradise, RetroSno, and Riffs will be there for the inaugural night.  Then on Saturday, Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes, Just Like Nannie Fixed It, Moovers and Shakers, and Sum Yum Yum will be there to round out the inaugural weekend!

For those of us with Music City Star service, RTA runs the train with late service on Friday!!!  So for those of us in Donelson, you can get a round trip ticket on the train downtown for a mere $3.40/person.  No driving or hassle.  No paying for parking.  Last train leaves Donelson for Downtown around 7/7:30.  The return train leaves downtown at 10:30.  So you can go downtown.  Eat some food truck deliciousness.  Do a little bar hopping.  Grab some food before you hop back on the train to head home!  The food trucks will be setup right next to the train station, so you can’t miss it!

For Music City Star Fare Information and where you can pre-purchase train tickets, click HERE.

For Music City Star Schedules, click HERE.

(It is only on Fridays that the Music City Star has late night service.)

I’m seriously so excited about this!  Even as hot as the summer is, it cools so quickly once that sun goes down.  So don’t even think to use “It’s hot out” as an excuse.

This is probably the best news heading into the holiday tomorrow!!!  Aren’t you excited????  Cause I am totally stoked!!!!

I’ll see you DOWNTOWN at the trucks!!!  What will you try today???

– FTJ Julie

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