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Inaugural “Dining After Dark” Weekend!

I’m super excited for the inaugural night of “Dining After Dark” with the food trucks tonight!!!!  Gonna have a little food truck action and maybe walk over to the Beer Sellar for some crafty brews.  With as often as the trucks change up their menus, I’m really excited to see what everyone will have tonight.  I’ve eaten from all the trucks that will be there tonight.  So I’m going for new menu items that I’ve not had before.

Tonight’s lineup includes Jonbalaya, Music City Cravings, Peanut Butter Paradise, RetroSno, and Riffs.

Saturday night’s lineup includes Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes, Just like Nanny Fixed It, Moovers & Shakers, Music City Cravings, and Smoke Et Al.

The trucks are going to meet at one location at 7 PM and then caravan down West End/Broadway all the way to the “Court of Flags” there where Broadway dead ends into 1st Avenue.  So you can literally follow the trucks downtown!!!

This is a great event for the Nashville Food Truck Association.  I really love the fact that they are utilizing the downtown parking zones!  And that 1st and Broadway location at the “Court of Flags” is a great one.  Especially on Friday nights when the Music City Star has its late night Friday service, because the train station is right next to the “Court of Flags.”  I’m going to post where all the parking zones are next week.

I also really like the idea of them caravaning down West End/Broadway.  Seeing 5 brightly decorated food trucks one after the other, is definitely going to create some buzz.  I’m not going to make it downtown in time to see the caravan.  So I’d love if someone tweets me a picture of it!  Just to be clear, I will be downtown for “Dining After Dark” tonight!

Are you asking yourself “What is the Nashville Food Truck Association (NFTA)?”  The NFTA is a community of food truck owners and operators.  So they know first hand what is happening and what affects food trucks in the Nashville market.  They are out to promote and protect the Nashville food truck industry.  And they are doing so many good things for the trucks and the community of truck owners/operators and for us food truck patrons.  If you have an event coming up and you are interested in having food trucks there, you can contact the association.  If you have a location that you think the food trucks could setup (office parks, etc), you can contact the association.  If you are thinking of starting up a food truck, the association is most definitely there for you to help you from startup to operation through mentoring.  They are also there for us patrons as they work with the local governments to address out dated ordinances and codes that may prevent them from bringing their goodies to us!  “Dining After Dark” is such a great example because it is utilizing one of the new downtown parking zones, creating buzz for the trucks there which helps the truck owners/operators, and helps us because we get great eats while we enjoy the Nashville nightlife!  For more on what the NFTA is all about, click HERE.

You can follow the NFTA on Twitter at @FoodTrucksNash.  You can also Like them on Facebook at Nashville Food Truck Association.  And their website is FoodTrucksNash.com.  These are the OFFICIAL sites for the NFTA.  ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!!!

For now, I’m going to end with my normal ending.  I’ll see you all at “Dining After Dark” tonight!  I’m looking forward to trying bunches of new gourmet goodies and maybe some standby favorites.  I hope you will try something new too!!!!

-FTJ Julie

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