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My Posse’s On Broadway!!!

Sir Mix-A-Lot had it right!  My Posse’s on Broadway!  And every Friday and Saturday night from 8 PM until Midnight!

The inaugural Dining After Dark events were held this past Friday and Saturday.  And the word AWESOME comes to mind!  Jim and I went on Friday night.  Although we had the option of taking the train, we decided to drive which worked out since we would have missed the train back to Donelson.  We got downtown around 8:30ish.  The sun had just gone down and the temperatures had dropped dramatically.  It was SO comfortable.  And you got a nice breeze from the Riverfront.

Location is everything to a food truck.  And the Court of Flags…AH-MAZING locatioin!!!  The Court of Flags is right there where Broadway dead ends into 1st Avenue.  It’s literally right next to the bus/train station.  Metro did not turn the lights on this night, but they most likely will as the trucks continue to frequent the Court of Flags EVERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY through the END OF SUMMER!!!

From a patron’s point of view, we were total fans of the location.  You had a gorgeous view down Broadway with all the lights from the honky tonks and the mass of pedestrians.  And you turn the other way, and you had a beautiful view of the river, stadium, and the pedestrian bridge.  There were benches all around the court and you didn’t really have but 5-6 steps to a grassy knoll seating area there on the Riverfront.

Friday night, we could not have asked for better weather.  It was so incredibly comfortable out temperature wise, barely any humidity.  It was prime food truck eatin’ weather!  Friday night’s Dining After Dark featured Jonbalaya, Music City Cravings, Retro Sno, and Riffs.

I have been craving corn on the cob for weeks now.  Seriously…just ask Jim.  So color me excited with Jon said “How about some Roasted Corn?”  Um, Yes…PLEASE!  Although every one else swore it was a normal size ear of corn, it looked bigger than a regular ear of corn.  I always worry about roasted corn that it will be burnt or over cooked.  But, Jonbalaya?  He’s doin’ it right.  Perfectly done roasted corn on the cob.  It was wonderfully seasoned and buttered and super juicy.  I politely asked Jim if he wanted a bite, but I think he saw in my eyes that he should decline.  I really didn’t want to share this corn.  And luckily, Jim said no.  What’s more summer than Corn on the Cob!!!  Well, watermelon!  And Jonbalaya also had tasteful chunks of watermelon “undaiquri” which is a really light refreshing side or dessert!  Unfortunately, I ate the watermelon before I could get a picture.  Oops!  There will be a next time!

It’s National Hot Dog Month so Riff’s had centered the majority of their menu around gourmet hot dog concoctions.  Jim and I had 2 of the 3.  We did not have the Guacamole Dog to Jim’s chagrin.  He loves him some avocado!  Jim had The Angry Dog.  I was fortunate to get one bite.  He’s going to review this and it will post a little later.  I had the Guido Dog which was a hot dog topped with grilled sausage, peppers, onions, and cheese whiz.  Yes, I said cheese whiz.  This hot dog was fist pumping good.  And at $4, I really felt this footlong gourmet dog was a STEAL!  The sausage was perfectly grilled with just a hint of the nice char (I really mean that in a good way).  The bun was nicely toasted.  On that note: You needed a healthy size bun to hold together amid all the toppings and this definitely did that.  What I really liked though is that this wasn’t all bun.  It was an equal balance of bun, hot dog, and toppings. Well, more toppings, but that’s what made this hot dog great.  And I really liked that they themed their menu based on National Hot Dog Month.  They had some other items on their menu, but their focus was on the hot dogs.  Pretty awesome in my opinion.

We walked down to Music City Cravings where Jim partook of their pulled pork pizza (the only pizza he had not had).  We were sad to learn that Music City Cravings is moving on from pizza for the time being, but it’s also an exciting thing.  I LOVE NEW MENU ITEMS!!!  It’s probably the greatest thing about the food trucks is their ability to constantly keep their menu fresh.  And do not worry.  Ric and Kristy promise that the pizza will be back!  They just want to venture out and bring some new items to the streets of Nashville.  And frankly, I love their pizza so I’m excited to try their new menu items!

Rounding out the night, I strolled over to the spunky brewster crew at RetroSno.  I just adore those gals.  They are always so extremely personable and always smiling.  I ordered a small Chai snow cone.  I really wish I had ordered a large.  I…um…words escape me.  Other than, I should have ordered a large and that was probably THE BEST snow cone I have EVER had in my adult life!  And yes, when they ask if you want whipped cream…say yes!!!  The first time I visited RetroSno was at the Thursday Night Food Fight back in June.  I had the Raspberry Wedding Cake and I ate it so fast I didn’t get a picture.  Their snow cones are just picture perfect and they taste as good as they look.  And Jim gives them big kudos for the environmentally conscious bowls they use.  Not only providing tasty refreshing summer treats, but they are also environmentally conscious!  Love it!  Retro Sno is also doing a Summer Shirt Contest starting today (July 9th) and ending Thursday (July 12th).  They sell tees at their truck and they are almost sold out.  So they are creating new shirts with a new “MOST AWESOME” phrase.  Don’t you want to be the person who creates that phrase and see people all over Nashville wearing a tshirt you helped design?  For details, click HERE.

All in all, my inaugural experience with Dining After Dark was awesome.  It is obviously going to be a regular event that we go to.  We have a schedule of the trucks for all the weekend through July.  So we’ll update as we go along.  The Nashville Food Truck Association has an amazing hit on their hands with Dining After Dark.  I did not go on Saturday, but I heard that Saturday’s lineup got some good action as well (Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes, Smoke Et Al, Jonbalaya, Just Like Nannie Fixed It, Music City Cravings, and Moovers & Shakers).

This weekend’s lineup includes DegThai, Wrapper’s Delight, Music City Cravings, and so many more!!!!  But for now, here are some of the pictures from Friday’s Dining After Dark!

Make Dining After Dark a part of your weekend plans…from here through the end of summer!

I hope to see you all at the trucks!  And I hope you are trying some new and unusual!!!!

-FTJ Julie

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