What’s The Best Thing I Have Eaten From A Food Truck?

This weekend, Jim and I went to the Night Market at the Nashville Farmer’s Market.  They do it the 3rd Friday of every month from 6:30 to 8:30.  This month was PACKED.  It was the most packed I have ever seen the Night Market.  And all the food vendors, both food trucks and farmer’s market vendors, had lines.

Jonbalaya, RetroSno, Riffs, Smoke Et Al, Wrappers Delight, and Yayo’s OMG were all in attendance for the Night Market.  The one thing I have against the Night Market is the music performers are EXCESSIVELY loud.  I had to scream into Jim’s ear to talk to him.  And you couldn’t hear the trucks calling your name when an order was ready.  I understand having the entertainment, but it’s like they have it at a sound level for Bridgestone Arena and not for farm shed style venue.  Sound issues aside…

Jim and I hit Smoke Et Al.  After perusing their menu, we decided on the Fiddler’s Biscuits with a side of Guacaroni.  The Fiddler’s Biscuits were introduced for the episode of Hotel Impossible that filmed at The Fiddler’s Inn.  They are biscuits filled with a generous portion of pulled smoked chicken with green onions and the most wonderful flavorful Tennessee Wildflower honey drizzled on top.  I had read some tweets from fellow food truck junkies and food truck owners who had been talking about how heavenly the Guacaroni was, which is why I ordered it.

We should have ordered 2 orders of this instead of splitting.  Jim didn’t want to split and well, neither did I.

The chicken and biscuits were just phenomenal.  The biscuit was so soft and fresh, and yet it still held together amidst all the chicken inside it.  The honey just filled my mouth with it’s sweet flavor.  It made me fall in love with honey.  I’ve always liked honey, but I’ve never loved it as much as when I ate this biscuit.

So, I have this wonderful flavor of honey and smoked chicken and I’m so happy with the decision on the Fiddler’s Biscuits that I dove into the Guacaroni.  And if I thought the Fiddler’s Biscuits were delicious, the Guacaroni made my taste buds go “Are you kidding us? Is  this for real? Can we have more??!!”  It seriously is one of the best things I’ve eaten from a food truck.  It had bite, yet was refreshing.  My only complaint is that I wished I had more.  I almost felt sad eating the last bite.

We walked back out to get some more food, but the lines had lengthened substantially.  Jim had hoped to hit Jackalope Brewery to tryout the wings from Music City Cravings before they shut their window at 8 and it was nearing 7:30.  So we decided to leave the Night market and hit food truck destination #2.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about that Guacaroni all weekend.  It is one of THE best things I’ve had from a food truck.  And no, you cannot find a recipe on Pinterest.  I checked.  To all those who had tweeted about the Guacaroni, I completely thank you!

So, what is one of the best things you have had from a food truck?

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “What’s The Best Thing I Have Eaten From A Food Truck?

  1. I would definitely have to say “one of the best” because I can’t pick a favorite! In no particular order:
    – Pork Belly Tacos from Smoke Et Al (1st Thursday Night Food Fight in Franklin)
    – Shrimp & Grits from Riff’s
    – The Herman from or Jackalope from Hoss’ Burgers
    – The East Nasty or Princess from Biscuit Love Truck

    But I do need to try more just to confirm that I’m correct! 😉

    • It is hard to pick a fave I know! I love the Herman from Hoss’ too! Actually, I named the Herman! Anything from Biscuit Love is awesome. And Riff’s is amazing as well. It is hard to pick faves. And the more that I eat, the more that I love. The mac & cheese burger from Mere Bulles…The Zen from Peanut Butter Paradise…man…now I’m ready for lunch and it’s only 9 am. Ha!!!

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