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I Dream of Weenie Featured on Eat Street!

Nashville Food Trucks are going to be all over the Cooking Channels Eat St. After featuring Yayo’s OMG and their scrumptious Chalupitas and Meximelts back in May, next up is I Dream of Weenie.

You can catch the I Dream of Weenie Eat St Episode starting today, Tuesday, August 7th at 7 PM and repeating at 11 PM. They will be featuring I Dream of Weenie’s “Hot Southern Mess” and “French Toast Weenie”.

Don’t know what where to find Cooking Channel on your cable/satellite provider? Well, The Food Truck Junkie aims to please and I’ve made it easy for you!

DirecTV: Channel 232
Dish Network: Channel 113/HD Channel 9447
UVerse: Channel 456
Comcast: Channel 122/ HD Channel 1281

Don’t have DVR and you can’t watch it today? It’ll air again Saturday, Aug 11 (3 PM), Monday, Aug 13 (5 PM), Thursday, Aug 23 (9 PM and 1 AM), and Wed, Sept 19 (5 PM). So you don’t have any excuses to miss it!!!

As an FYI, if you have missed Yayo’s OMG’s Eat St. Episode it will have some re-air dates in September: 18th at 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM and the 25th at 5 PM.

FYI: All times are in Nashville time folks! 🙂

Set Those DVR’s!!!!!

-FTJ Julie

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