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I Said A Hip Hop, The Hippie The Hippie, To The Hip Hip Hop And You Don’t Stop…

I realize the title to this post is totally cliche.  But sometimes, I just have to indulge myself.  Now what you hear is what you get, I’m a-rappin’ to the beat…Okay sorry…I think it’s almost out of my system now!!!

Proudly claiming to be Nashville’s ONLY Hip Hop Truck, Wrapper’s Delight is pleasing the Music City with it’s cleverly named and super tasty wrap sandwiches.  Everything from the “Biggie Smalls” (breakfast) to the “Big Punisher” (dessert) is available.  I recently had a chance to sit down with Sean Brashears from Wrapper’s Delight during “Drunch” at Jackalope’s Taproom.  Here’s what went down:

So, What got you thinking of doing a food truck?

Sean: I guess I’ve been working in the restaurant business now for about 10 or 12 years.  And after working in about 5 different restaurants for 2-3 years a piece, you get tired of working for somebody else who doesn’t know how to run a kitchen.  Eventually, I had some investors approach me.  They were saying, “We like your food. We’ve seen you run a kitchen so we know you can do something similar to this.  If we back you, do you wanna try it out?”  I figured since I was at that time only 25 to make the decision to do it.  So it’s like, let’s go ahead and do it now while I’m young.

What inspired you and how did you come up with the concept for your truck:

Sean: The actual hip hop theme.  I’m an MC in a hip hop group here in town as well.  Dr. Relax is what we’re called.  So I’ve always been into hip hop music.  I did one of the shows with TSU homecoming.  I opened up for Young Gotti and Plies and people like that.  But I’ve always been into hip hop.  And then my buddy, Gabe, my partner,  he’s also always been into hip hop.  We decided something fun.  Let’s do wraps and name it after rappers.  That was like the first idea we had one day sittin’ around hangin’ out.  Sorta like see what ideas we can come up with.  So we decided.  After eatin’ at a lot of food trucks, a lot of the places I feel like you need a table to sit down at.  It’s like fork and knife stuff.  So we wanted something that was easier for actual street eating.  Something you could eat with your hands and actually order at the truck and not have to worry about a table or fork and a knife.  So wraps seemed like the way to go.

So what is the future of Wrapper’s Delight? What are your goals?

Sean: The future. I think our short term goal would be try to get a second food truck and do a different theme besides wraps and the hip hop stuff.  Maybe like a bluegrass type truck and try to do something like that.  My little sister plays bluegrass.  She’s all about it.  It’d be sweet to do a hip hop truck and a bluegrass truck.  And I guess long term goals would be eventually open up a brick and mortar restaurant with whichever idea from the food trucks we thought was doing best.  So that’s the long term goal I guess.

As a food truck, what are some of the biggest obstacles that you guys have?

Sean: For us individually, it’s just been the truck.  The food part of the food truck is really easy.  We can make food.  We love to eat, so.  The actual truck maintenance and getting our truck to run took forever.

I think sometimes it seems to us (food truck fans) that it starts as a little easy fixable problem, but then the trucks will be down for months.

Sean: Ours was everything.  We had the engine rebuilt. We went through 2 carborators.  We went through a fuel line, fuel tank, transmission.  Pretty much everything except for the actual steering wheel has been replaced on that thing.  We had some generator issues, but that was just not knowing how often to change the oil of the generator itself.  It says to change it every 100 hours of use, but I talked with somebody else.  I called the number because we were having problems.  And they were like, “oh yeah. It says 100 hours, but you should really change it out every 15-20 hours.”  So I’ve got 2 of the same generators now.  So I cycle and change the oil and I’ve always got one back up.  So that’s what I’ve been telling everybody.  Change your oil frequently!

So I think a lot of people have the misconception that food truck owners can just wake up and say “Oh, I wanna work today.”  I don’t think a lot of people understand everything that is involved with food trucks.  So take us briefly through what it takes for one day with lunch and dinner service.

Sean:  Usually for a lunch and a dinner, we have to line up those spots at least a week to a month in advance.  You can go set up anywhere if you can find public parking, but your not gonna find high pedestrian traffic.  Usually I’ll line up a spot from a week to a month in advance.  And then I do all my shopping the morning of.  I don’t keep a lot of food in storage.  I wake up about 6, go shopping until 9.  Then I meet up at my truck and my helpers.  We fill up the water.  Do the generator.  Check the oil.  Check all the fluids on the truck.  Get everything in the truck put up and put away.  And then usually about an hour before our lunch service, we hit the road and get out there, set up.  And then we cook off everything fresh 30 minutes before we open.  We start cooking off chicken, bacon, all the stuff that is gonna take a while.  And then all the veggies and produce and stuff, we do that stuff in our cold unit.  Just enough to keep us leveled up.  It’s very little waste.  It’s mainly just staying on top of your stuff.  And then, if we do a dinner shift as well.  We shut down shop.  Go to the commissary.  Might take an hour, 2 hour break.  Let everybody get their heads straight and chill out…cool off a little bit.  Then we head to the night shift for another 3-4 hours hanging out on the truck makin’ food.  And then at the end of the night, all we have to do is wrap everything up, get all the dishes together.  And I’m able to plug in my truck at the commissary so I don’t even have to unload my cold unit.  So I can leave everything in there.  Just gotta give yourself plenty of time in the morning to get the food and your truck ready.  Otherwise, even 15 minutes late is a lot late sometimes for a lunch shift.  People are expecting you at 11.  You show up at 11:15 and you’re not ready to serve until 11:30.  You have disappointed people.  Just giving yourself plenty of time in the morning.  And as long as you give yourself plenty of time in the morning, you’ll have plenty of time the rest of the day.

Thank you so much for your time and letting us take a few moments.

Sean: Yeah, no problem.  I really appreciate you all coming out!

I really appreciated Sean taking the time out to talk to Jim and myself despite that his truck was open for business at the time.  They did some awesome “Out of the Box” items for the Jackalope “Drunch” event.  Items that were NOT wraps.  To add a review would just extend this post too lengthy.  So I will post the review of Wrapper’s Delight later this week.  But this interview was too interesting that I had to get it out there ASAP!

I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes interview.  I am hopeful to bring you even more of these!!!  I also did get to sit down with Bailey, the Head Brewer and Co-Owner of Jackalope.  I will also review their “Drunch” event and the relationship with the food trucks and Jackalope as well as a few little insider tid bits on Jackalope and what’s to come with them!

Again, Thank you to Sean for taking the time out!!!

Well it’s On-enda-On-en-On-en-On…The beat don’t stop until the break o’ dawn…  (oops…sorry…last time, I promise!!!).  Be on the lookout for the Wrapper’s Delight review probably Friday to “wrap” up the week.  I really apologize for that one.  I felt the need to be clever, but I think it came off super dorky!  And I’m leaving it in there anyways!  Ha!

-FTJ Julie

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