Foods From the Trucks

In the last week, I have eaten a good bit of food truck eats.  And I realized that while I was doing good posting the pictures on Instagram and on Twitter, I had not posted anything here.  So I wanted to give a rundown of what I had the pleasure of noshing on over the last week or so.

From Monday, July 30th through Sunday, August 5th, I have eaten at Smoke Et Al (twice), Wrapper’s Delight (twice), Delta Bound, and The Waffle Boss.  I’ve really enjoyed all of it.

From Smoke Et Al, we had the Hot Ribs, the Hammy, and the Brisket Tacos with smoked corn/bean salad and potato salad on the side.  From Wrapper’s Delight we had the Triple Six Tilapia, The Fat Boys Drunch, Carne West, and the DJ Premiere Peach Parfait.  Jim also had the Big Punisher.  From Delta Bound, we shared the Muffaletta.  And from The Waffle Boss, I had a Red Velvet Waffle with Cream Cheese Frosting and Blackened Chicken.  Jim had the Original Waffle plain with Hot Chicken.

Phew.  That’s a lot of food!!  Now here come the pictures and a brief review!!!



Smoke Et Al’s BBQ is by far the best you will get from any food truck around.  And really from a lot of the BBQ joints around town, period!  After having the Guacaroni and the Fiddler’s Biscuits at the Nashville Farmer’s Night Market back in July, I have really been looking forward to trying out more of their menu.  So twice last week they were in the Donelson/Hermitage area which makes it easy for me to visit them since I live and work in that area.  On Wednesday at the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy, Jim and I split the Hot Ribs, and the Hammy.  We also had sides of the potato salad and the smoked corn/bean salad.  The ribs were hot.  Now I do have the lighter palatte for hot.  But the insides of my lips tingled and I liked it.  Jim, of course, thought it could be a little hotter.  But then again, he also gets his hot chicken from Bolton’s at a pretty hard core level.  So it’s hard to out hot him.  Out hot him?  Well, it’s a term now!!!  The Hammy by far though was the day’s winner.  An all pork burger.  Let me repeat that.  AN ALL PORK BURGER.  It’s things like the Hammy that make me sad for vegetarians and vegans.  The flavors they miss out on like the Hammy.  But then again, it means more for me!  This was an item that I think Jim wishes he didn’t have to share with me.  And I wished I didn’t have to share it with him either.  I believe that the Hammy is one of the items that the Cooking Channel will be featuring on their food truck show “Eat St.” on Tuesday, August 14th.  Don’t worry, I’ll send out another blog to let you know the times and channels!  The final item we had was the Brisket Tacos that we got from them at the Donelson Farmer’s Market this past Friday.  Jim really liked the use of the Kalamata olives.  The brisket was super uber flavorful.  And they definitely do not chince on the amount of brisket in the taco.  I probably could have made 4 tacos from the brisket that was inside of the 2.  Insane amount of brisket!!!  The Hammy is the hands down favorite of the three, but all 3 options were winners.


Since I have the review of Wrapper’s Delight coming later this week, I’m going to keep the majority of the pictures for that post.   Pictured is the Triple Six Tilapia wrapped in a Tomato Basil tortilla.  I had seen other folks get this and it always looked super awesome. But I’ve kind of shied away from it because I’m not the biggest seafood fan.  I like the milder seafoods.  So at the Friday Donelson Farmer’s Market, Jim and I broke down and ordered the Triple Six.  It is packed full of goodness.  From tilapia to plantains.  But yet, it still tasted light.  Jim ordered the Big Punisher which is the dessert wrap with honey, bananas, peanut butter, and love.  I swear he inhaled it because I didn’t even have time to ask for a small bite of it!  Although, I did previously have the Big Punisher so I wasn’t too upset.  On Sunday, Jackalope Brewery opened their doors for the inaugural “Drunch” which featured Wrapper’s Delight.  So Jim (who is a craft beer aficionado…snob, some might say) and also a food truck junkie as am I, figured this was the best of two worlds colliding since no other taprooms are open on Sundays.  We were excited to see that Wrapper’s Delight had some special menu items just for Drunch so those were what we ordered.  The Fat Boys Drunch, which was not a wrap, was pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit, and orange juice.  They also had a new item called Carne West which they are going to incorporate a lunch/dinner version and then also have a breakfast version.  The breakfast version was carne asada, peppers, onions, and egg.  We also had the DJ Premiere Peach Parfait on the recommendation of a fellow blog, Nashville Experience.  Everything was amazing.  The Triple Six Tilapia has vaulted as my favorite from their truck.  But I loved the Fat Boys Drunch as well.  Look for the full review on Friday!


Delta Bound had not made it to Donelson/Hermitage in a while and I had not been able to catch them else where, plus they had a week vacation thrown in there too.  So I was excited when they were at the weekly Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy on August 1st.  I had been dying to try their Muffaletta.  The picture does not do this sandwich justice.  THE MUFFALETTA IS GINORMOUS!!!  We split it in half and I still couldn’t eat the whole half!!!  Chef Jes and Stacey are doing things as much in house as possible.  And you can taste it.  The Muffaletta bread is baked fresh and it was superb.  A generous portion of their home made olive salad topped with ham, capicola, salami, and provolone on the home baked Muffaletta bread?  That equals killer!!!  It’s okay to skip a meal to prepare your belly for this giant sandwich.  It’s full of flavor.  The bread rocks the party.  You just can’t go wrong here.


How can you go wrong with a RED VELVET WAFFLE AND CREAM CHEESE FROSTING!!!  Newbie Truck, The Waffle Boss, is coming out of the gate SWINGING!  The chicken was super tender and I really liked the blackened seasoning, although it was a light blackened seasoning. Jim had the Original Waffle with hot chicken.  It barely made the inside of my mouth tingle.  So on the hot scale, it’s pretty light.  But when I ran into Ryan a few days later at breakfast.  He said if you want it “Bolton’s, Prince’s” hot, say that you would like your chicken “Like a Boss”.  He’ll heat it up for you!!!!  The hot chicken also had a bit of a sugary taste to it which was interesting, yet pleasant.  Back to the waffles.  These are massive waffles.  They are so filling.  The cream cheese frosting is ridiculous sick.  I just don’t know how I’ll eat a waffle without it now.  They were out of the Birthday Cake waffle batter.  So I’m hoping to try that out soon.  But check them out.  Go for the Red Velvet Waffle.  It will turn any day into an Awesome Day!

It’s hard to say what exactly was my favorite.  The Waffle Boss’ Red Velvet Waffle stands out.  Smoke Et Al’s Hammy is phenomenal.  Wrapper’s Delight’s Triple Six Tilapia was superb.  And Delta Bound is doing it right with the Muffaletta.  I think it’s a win-win-win-win!!!!

Check out these trucks on Twitter: @WaffleBoss, @WrappersDLite, @DeltaBoundTN, and @SmokeEtAl.

What have you tried at these trucks!!!???  What did you like?

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “Foods From the Trucks

  1. Just a heads up. Even if you had asked for a bit of my Big Pun, you wouldnt have gotten 1!

  2. Food looks stunning, keep up the great work guys

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