Hip Hop Food Truck in Nashville? You Must Be Talking About Wrapper’s Delight!

Proudly claiming to be Nashville’s One and Only Hip Hop Food Truck, Wrapper’s Delight is bringing fun and good eats to the streets here in Music City.  Business partners, Sean and Gabe, have created clever names for all their wraps and they aren’t afraid to step out of the box.

I have had everything on their menu except for the Kid’s menu items (The Jur-Wrap-Sic “S” and the PB Cool J), the chicken caeser wrap (aka The Gangsta Grizzill’d Caeser), or their vegan wrap (Quest Love).  I am very looking forward to trying the caeser wrap.  There is just only so much food one can get per visit.  But I guarantee that it will be the next wrap I order!

It’s been a while since I had the Hawaiian Five-0 and the Big L’Talian and I will admit that I do need to have those again as well.  Its been at least 6-8 months since I’ve had them.  So I’m going to hold off on reviewing those particular wraps because I really need to refresh the memory!!!  I do remember liking them both.  I just can’t remember them enough to really go into description about the flavors of the wraps.

I’m going to start with “The Big Punisher”.  It’s their dessert wrap.  I’m starting with this because I do love eating dessert first, but also because this wrap is friggin’ phenomenal.  It’s grilled.  So the peanut butter starts to ooze and the chocolate chips get melty.  The honey adds an extra level of sweetness that is out of this world.  Then you get the crunchy from the granola crumbles and the dessert flair from the fresh whipped cream.  And lest we forget the perfectly wonderful taste of bananas.  At 4 bucks, this wrap is a steal.  It is the perfect start or finish to any food truck meal!

Vaulting into place as one of my favorites is the Triple Six Tilapia wrap.  Tilapia is a very mild seafood.  So for those that don’t like the super fishy seafood, this wrap is made to please our taste buds!  It’s a wonderful concoction that not only is packed full of tilapia, but also coconut cream rice, cilantro, chopped almonds, bacon, grilled plantains, and a fresh lime.  Now you know when I see the word “Bacon” I’m totally on board.  I really like the bacon that Wrapper’s Delight uses because it is thick and allows you to really taste the flavor.  The crunchy from the almonds and the grilled plantains, the sweetness from the lime and the coconut cream rice mix together for a ridiculous flavor.  This wrap is just killing it with flavor.  And it is FULL FULL.

I had the Biggie Smalls Breakfast after getting a peek of one ordered by fellow Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy fan, Mark.  So the next visit after I saw Mark’s, I got this from Wrapper’s Delight.  I can eat breakfast any time of day.  And this breakfast wrap is so filling.  The Tabasco Aioli was definitely a strong flavor.  If you are not into the Tabasco flavor, ask for it without the aioli.  Biggie Smalls has scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, cheddar cheese, and the tabasco aioli.  It is probably one of the most perfect breakfast wraps around.  And the best part is?  It doesn’t even need to be breakfast to order this!!!

One of their newest wraps, The Bun B, is a buffalo chicken wrap.  I loved this one so much, I ate it twice in one week.  Buffalo sauce can be hit or miss.  And the thing is when buffalo sauce is bad, it’s real bad.  But when buffalo sauce is good, man, does it make everything else taste so awesome.  Wrapper’s Delight’s buffalo sauce is the latter.  It. Is. AWESOME!  Filled with chicken and bacon, and then served with ranch or blue cheese on the side, this wrap will wake you up and make you smile.  The buffalo sauce is THAT good.  Now on the spicy scale, since I ate it twice in one week, you automatically know it wasn’t super duper hot.  But it did make the inside of my lips tingle a good bit and I really like that level of spicy.  This is also a messier wrap since they do drizzle the buffalo sauce on the outside fo the wrap.

Recently, Jackalope Brewery started opening their taproom on Sundays for “Drunch” or Drunk Lunch.  The taproom will be open from noon to 4 on Sundays and feature food trucks out front.  The inaugural Drunch featured Wrapper’s Delight.  Jim and I were delighted when we arrived to find that they had some specialty Drunch menu items.  They had The Fat Boys Drunch, Carne West, and the DJ Premiere Peach Parfait.

The DJ Premiere Peach Parfait has actually been an additional summer menu item for a few weeks now.  And it fit in very well with Drunch.  Yogurt, fruit, whipped cream, granola crumbles…and NOT a wrap!  The yogurt in this was truly the standout.  The peaches were a refreshing taste and I love the crunch of granola.  This will make a nice breakfast or dessert!  Definitely need to try this out before peaches go out of season and summer comes to an end!

Carne West is a new wrap that Sean informed us may become a mainstay menu item with a different version for breakfast and for lunch/dinner.  This of course was the breakfast version.  Carne asada, egg, peppers and onions with salsa on the side.  The carne asada was very tender.  The onions and peppers adding flavor and texture.  Adding in the yumminess of the egg.  This is a very filling wrap as well.  I’m looking forward to trying his lunch/dinner version of this wrap to see how the internal wrap ingredients are adjusted without the egg.

The Fat Boys Drunch.  Words cannot express the awesomeness of this meal.  But I’m going to have to find some to use anyways!!!  Totally out of the box.  Obviously, not a wrap.  Although Sean did confess that he had the thought to make full size pancakes and wrap the sausage and stuff inside the pancake.  But decided to go with the unexpected!  This had 2 sausage links, 2 bacon strips, 2 blueberry pancakes, topped with peaches, blueberries, whipped cream and a strawberry.  It then came with a side of sliced banana and strawberries and a perfectly portioned cup of orange juice.  Everything tasted on point.  The fruit was deliciously fresh.  I love sausage and bacon.  And the pancakes were light and fluffy.  I loved everything about The Fat Boys Drunch!!!  I love when food trucks go outside the box for special events and bring out new one time only menu items.  So a big kudos to Wrapper’s Delight for having a special Drunch menu!

I really enjoy visiting the Wrapper’s Delight truck.  Sean is one of the friendliest guys out there.  Yes, you’ve seen him.  He’s the one in the #33 Titan’s jersey…ALWAYS!  He is always so appreciative of everyone who visits the truck.  I never walk away from Wrapper’s Delight without hearing Sean say “Thank you guys so much for coming out and supporting us.  We really appreciate you.”  EVERYTIME.  Completely down to earth, the people on the truck make Wrapper’s Delight much more of a success than it already is.

The Cooking Channel’s show Eat St. recently taped a segment on Wrapper’s Delight that will air at a yet unspecified date.  But don’t worry.  We will make sure to let you know when that is!!!

Wrapper’s Delight is a truck you should definitely try out next time you see them.  There is something for everyone from kids to vegans to those with a sweet tooth!  They are having fun, making great street food, and making Music City’s bellies happier.  And hopefully in the near future, they will have another truck to reach more of us in Middle Tennessee (although might not be wraps and maybe possibly a bluegrass theme?).

One two step on over to Wrapper’s Delight.  You won’t be disappointed.

-FTJ Julie

3 comments on “Hip Hop Food Truck in Nashville? You Must Be Talking About Wrapper’s Delight!

  1. What a great review! Congratulations to all of you who have worked so hard to earn it. My mouth is watering just thinking about next trip to Nashville , don’t know how I’ll decide what to get though .

  2. Have you ever went over a food truck to eat and the food just ain’t no good
    I mean the macaroni is soggy and the peas are mushed and the chicken taste like wood

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