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Chattanooga Food Truck Scene Is Small, But Tasty And Worth the Drive (Part 2 of 2)

Did you read Part 1?  NO?  Well, Click HERE to read about our first day in Chattanooga and our first visit to the food trucks at Warehouse Row!

And now on to Day 2!

So on Friday for lunch, we made it to Miller Plaza nearly right at 11.  Everyone was finishing getting setup.

We walked up to Taco Sherpa since we were excited about the Bulgogi Beef.  We both ordered small Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowls.  I love bulgogi.  The meat was so super tender.  The rice was awesome sticky rice.  I even enjoyed the kimchi on the side!  And I’m not normally a kimchi fan!  They had small, medium, and large rice bowls or you could get tacos.  I liked having the choice of option.  And truth be told, I enjoyed the rice bowls more.  I think Jim actually enjoyed the tacos.  So it’s totally a personal preference.

After finishing up our rice bowls, we went to Taste of Argentina.  We were informed that they also had Spinach and Cheese Empanadas today as well.  So we ordered 1 of each (Beef and Spinach/Cheese).  I thought the beef empanada was mind blowing, but the spinach and cheese?  Wow!  It was a good mozzarella that was so melted and wonderful.  We also ordered the Choripan which is Argentinian sausage with chimichurri.  If I had to be critical, the only thing is that they put this on a Publix roll and not a homemade roll, but really, I LOVE Publix rolls.  So I totally didn’t mind.  The chimichurri was super garlicky.  This sausage with the chimichurri was SO flavorful.  I wanted a second, but we were getting full.  I will say that John, Owner of Taste of Argentina, had his dad on the truck on the Friday helping him out.  And his dad was hilarious!!!  I really love when trucks are run by fun personalities.  Note: I forgot to get a picture of the interior of the Spinach/Cheese empanada.  But just know that it is full of awesome.


While waiting for our rice bowls earlier from Taco Sherpa, we had walked over to Monkey Town Donuts.  Much to our surprise, because we had missed out on the donuts the day earlier, the owner of Monkey Town gifted us with a bucket of mini cinnamon sugar donuts.  It was love at first bite.  He only does mini cinnamon sugar donuts, and boy are they done right.  Plus it’s pretty cool as they are made right in front of you.  So you see him pour in the batter and the machine drops the donuts into the oil.  They then move down this long canal of oil as they are flipped and moved forward by his donut machine.  A bucket of donuts (24 minis) is normally $6.  You can then get this refilled at any time for only $5 as long as you bring back the bucket!  Pretty cool, eh?


Normally in Nashville, we bring a bottle from home of ice tea or water.  But we did not have that luxury in Chattanooga.  But it’s okay, because they have a mobile vendor called Pure Soda Works who make their own pop (er coke or soda).  Their soda syrups are organic and made in house.  So they can create concoctions like “Strawberry Jalapeno”, “Pineapple Lemon Basil”, “Apple Pie” and yet still have the familiar favorites like root beer and gingerale.  They had nice plastic mugs that you could buy.  Then you can get those refilled lifetime for a lower cost.  I bought the 22 ounce plastic mug for $6 full of Strawberry Jalapeno.  Anytime I go back to Chattanooga, Pure Soda Works will refill my mug for a mere $2.  Love it!  The Strawberry Jalapeno was so interesting.  It tasted like strawberry soda and then all of a sudden the flavor and heat of the jalapeno would creep up on you.  It was an interesting pairing with the Taco Sherpa Bulgogi rice bowl with the spicy kimchi.


Overall, we left Chattanooga with the impression that they definitely have a great base of food trucks there.  I hope that the Chattanooga Street Food Project can come together with legislators there to give them more access to the city.  I also hope that they work with new food trucks as they begin to pop up to make sure they keep up the same level of awesome that they have set bar at!

These aren’t just your average generic BBQ trucks using seasonings off the shelf.  These are trucks that are actually bringing gourmet eats to the streets of Chattanooga.  And they are making Chatt town proud!  There’s definitely a market for the trucks there.  I can’t wait to go back and see how it’s grown!

Next time you are planning a trip to Chattanooga, I hope you will consider putting in your agenda a lunch with the trucks.  You will NOT be disappointed.

-FTJ Julie

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