“And The Nashville Street Food Award Goes To…”

The Inaugural Nashville Street Food Awards Winners Are Announced!!!

9 Categories, 3 Sets of Judges, Over 30 Food Trucks, 1 Amazing Labor Day Weekend…And NO RAIN!

I’m going to give you a little EXCLUSIVE.  RESERVE YOUR DATES!  2nd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards is tentatively already scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2013!!!!  YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! Yes, this does coincide with the kickoff of Musician’s Corner Fall Season 2013.

And now, The Nashville Street Food Award Goes To…

Hit and Miss Ice Cream knocked it out of the park with their “Ice Cream Float” in the BEST DRINK Category.  Retro Sno’s “Chai Ice” was the runner up followed by Delta Bound with their “Basil Lemonade” as 2nd runner up.

The BEST VEGETARIAN category saw Riff’s Fine Street Food winning over the judges with their “Vegetarian Banh Mi”.  Retro Sno’s “Tomato Granita was runner up followed by Jonbalaya’s “Vegetarian Sushi”.

Riff’s Fine Street Food continued their winning ways in the BEST TACO Category with their “Korean BBQ Taco”.  Delta Bound’s “Fried Catfish and Corn Salsa Taco” was the runner up followed by Jonbalaya’s “Seared Tuna Taco”.

Delta Bound’s “BBQ Slider with Fried Pickles” took the crown in the BEST BBQ Category.  Smoke Et Al’s “Pulled Pork Sliders with Dill & Paprika” too the runner up spot followed by the “Korean BBQ” by Riff’s Fine Street Food as 2nd runner up.

Riff’s Fine Street Food was not finished when they took the BEST HOT NASHVILLE Category with their “Hot Chicken Sausage & Grits”.  DegThai’s “Tiger Tear Salad” was the runner up followed by Ken’s Hot Spot with their “Hot Chicken Sandwich”.

The BEST DESSERT Category went to Hoss’ Loaded Burgers for their “Dark Chocolate Mousse with Berries”.  Runner up went to the “Mango Sticky Rice” from DegThai.  Just Like Nannie Fixed It took 2nd runner up with their “Buttery Chess Square”.

DegThai’s “Massaman Wrap” won the judges over in the BEST SANDWICH Category.  The Latin Wagon’s “Cuban Sandwich” took the runner up spot followed by “The Frank Stallone” by The Grilled Cheeserie.

The BEST DEEP FRIED Category went to Hit and Miss Ice Cream for their second award of the day for their “Fried Ice Cream”.  The Grilled Cheeserie took the runner up spot for their “Fried Buffalo Chicken Melt & Tots”.  Delta Bound’s “Empanadas” took the 2nd runner up spot.

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers solidified their truck name by taking the BEST BURGER Category with their “Hoss Burger”.  Riff’s Fine Street Food “Triple Smoke Burger” came up as the runner up and Mere Bulles “Southwest Burger” took 2nd runner up.

And taking the overall crown for BEST OF THE BEST for winning most categories with a 9.625 overall average score was Riff’s Fine Street Food.

Second Harvest had buckets at each truck. Every $1 donation in the bucket was a vote for that truck to be “People’s Choice”. We are happy to announce that RetroSno has been named the “Second Harvest Peoples Choice” Winner!!!

Congrats to all the Award Winners!  The Food Trucks did an amazing job keeping up with the crowds and the food…AMAZING!!!!!

I was seriously honored to be asked to be a judge.  I got to judge 3 events: Best Drink, Best Vegetarian, and Best Taco.  I will be writing up a blog with TONS of pictures about my judging experience.  I’m hoping I can get that written tomorrow (Sunday).

I got to meet so many people today and I really appreciate the feedback.  It was great to meet all of you.  I love talking to all of Nashville’s Food Truck Junkies!  I can’t wait to bump into you at the trucks sometime soon!!!

Again, go ahead and pencil in the date for Saturday, September 7, 2013 (UPDATE: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013) for the 2nd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards!!!  If you thought this year was a hit, can you imagine how big next year will be???!!!!

Thank you to the Nashville Food Truck Association (@FoodTrucksNash) for bringing us this event!!!!!

Well, what a wonderful day.  Best Christmas EVER!  Er…I mean!  Well, you know what I mean!

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on ““And The Nashville Street Food Award Goes To…”

  1. It was such a great time! I wish I’d gotten more pictures, though. Ha!

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