Hoss’ Loaded Burgers To Be Featured on Eat St!

They won the BEST BURGER and BEST DESSERT Categories yesterday at the Nashville Street Food Awards and on Tuesday, September 4th, Hoss’ Loaded Burgers will be featured on the Cooking Channel’s “Eat St”!  They will be featuring the “Red, White, and Blue” burger!  So make sure you get out to Hoss’ to try that ASAP!  Your first opportunity to catch them this week will be at Second Harvest’s “Food Truck Tuesday” from 11 AM – 1 PM which is also the day their episode airs!

The Hoss’ Episode of “Eat St” will air originally on Tuesday, September 4th at 7 PM and 11 PM.

If you don’t have a DVR and you won’t be home on Tuesday, there will  be plenty of other opportunities to catch this episode!

  • September 8th – 3 PM
  • September 10th – 5 PM
  • September 27th – 9:30 PM and 1:30 AM
  • October 15th – 5 PM

Don’t know where to find Cooking Channel on your cable/satellite provider? Well, The Food Truck Junkie aims to please and I’ve made it easy for you!

DirecTV: Channel 232
Dish Network: Channel 113/HD Channel 9447
UVerse: Channel 456
Comcast: Channel 122/ HD Channel 1281

And if you have missed the “Eat St” featuring Smoke Et Al (Nashville Street Food Awards BEST BBQ Runner Up) or Riff’s Fine Street Food (Nashville Street Food Awards BEST OF THE BEST), there are still opportunities to catch those as well:

  • Riff’s – September 25th – 7 PM and 11 PM
  • Smoke Et Al – September 26th – 5 PM
  • Riff’s – September 29th – 3:30 PM

FYI: All times are in Nashville time folks! 🙂

Set Those DVR’s!!!!!

-FTJ Julie

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