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Hoss’ Loaded Burgers Introduces New Burger!

So sadly, the Blackbird Burger from Hoss’ Loaded Burgers has made its rotation off of the menu.  However, this means there is a new burger being introduced!!!

Say Hello to “The Umami Tsunami”!!!!

The Umami Tsunami is stuffed with smoked Gouda and topped with hickory bacon, marsala mushrooms, and umami ketchup.

Not sure what “umami ketchup” is?  Well, we can tell you that umami ketchup is not typical ketchup.  The Japanese translation of the word “umami” is “pleasant savory taste.”  Umami is actually considered to be the fifth basic taste alongside sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.  Umami ketchup is said to be a perfect mix of tomato, vinegar, salt, and a dash of truffle flavor.  Some versions of umami ketchup are also described as “full bodied” similar to a more traditional bbq sauce consistency.  I am very interested to discover Hoss’ take on umami.

Hoss’s Loaded Burgers is gonna introduce this burger on Tuesday in Cool Springs, then on Wednesday on the Vandy Campus and Live on the Green on Thursday.  Check our Locations page for their locations for the remainder of the week!

Although, I am not a fan of traditional ketchup.  I am interested to try umami ketchup.

What do you think of this new burger?

-FTJ Julie

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