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5 Questions With Jonbalaya

We know how busy all of our favorite food truck owners and operators are.  So we are so thankful that Jonbalaya’s truck owner/operator, Jon Heidelberg, was able to sneak a few moments to answer some of our questions!

What is your favorite thing to eat off of your truck?

Jon: Right now, the Bubba Sprouts and the Beef Prime Rib PoBoy, although I always love the Jambalaya.

What is your biggest obstacle as a food truck?

Jon: Making sure the truck keeps running is a big one. Also, keeping up with scheduling and social media, so all three of our fans (and others who might want to try the food) can find us.

What was the inspiration for Jonbalaya and how did you come up with the truck name and tagline?

Jon: Well, it’s been tough to find decent Jambalaya, and I would always say: Our family’s recipe is better than this; so I started making jambalaya. Since my name is Jon…it just seemed natural to name the company JONBALAYA. As for our tagline: Cuz Momma said “Never trust a skinny cook!” that came about because I am a big boy. I had to have an excuse, right? This way it is job security, hehe.

Is there a 2nd truck in Jonbalaya’s future?  And if so, will it be Jonbalaya 2, or will it be a new style, new truck?

Jon: Oh yes, there will be another truck. And no, it won’t be JONBALAYA. If we do another Cajun/Creole truck I would name it ZYTAGO, after the eclectic music from New Orleans. Or, I might go a totally different direction, do a seafood truck. If I did that, I might name it: Red Fish, Blue Fish or something like that. There is still so much I am planning to do with my menu. Having 2 trucks would make it easier to play around a little bit.

What has been your favorite moment as a food truck owner/operator?

Jon: It’s hard to beat feeding Keith Urban and family, that was really cool. Catering the Tennessee Songwriter Associations Annual Award banquet was pretty awesome, also. Not to mention the sweet guitar we got that is signed by 16 artists on the Big Machine Label. I also have loved getting recognition for my food with various awards and articles. Still, nothing compares to someone taking a bite of our food, and giving me the biggest smile they can. Having someone tell me it’s the best food they have tasted, ever is such a reward. And that happens on a regular basis. As a food truck owner, I will tell you that NEVER gets old!

Thank you so much Jon for taking the time out to answer our questions!  We appreciate it more than you know!!!

Wanna try those Bubba Sprouts he mentioned?  Or perhaps some of his family recipe Jambalaya?  Check our Locations Page for all the Jonbalaya outings this week!  I’ll be hitting them up on Friday when they descend upon Donelson!

-FTJ Julie

One comment on “5 Questions With Jonbalaya

  1. Really good interview. Hope to get to try those Bubba Sprouts soon!

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