5 Questions With Retro Sno

This is the 2nd in our series of “5 Questions” with the food trucks!  Elizabeth with Retro Sno was so kind to take some time to answer our 5 questions!!!

I know you all are shutting down for the winter.  What will you all be up to over these next few months and when can we hope to look forward to seeing you back?

Elizabeth: Yes, Season #1 of Retro Sno is coming to an end. We’ll miss the truck life during winter, but we’re also looking forward to taking a break and coming back in full force next spring! Our plan is to start back up in March, depending on weather conditions of course. We’ll keep everyone updated through Twitter and our website. 

During our off season, we will still take requests for private events. 

We’re all going to use the next few months to get some much needed rest and pay attention to other areas of interest that have been on the back burner over the summer. For instance, Morgan is an artist so she will devote most of her time to her pottery business, Handmade Studio. She’s participating in the Village Artisan Fest at Edgehill Village tomorrow, “Studio Be” Holiday Artist Market in December, and is working on some house shows as well. I (Elizabeth) have a part-time job in an office, and I’ll also be resuming some work towards a masters degree during the off-season. Our husbands, Keith and Josh, will have the pleasure of only having ONE full-time job, instead of two :). Also, keep an eye out because you might see Morgan or me behind the window of another food truck before Retro Sno’s second season!

What is your favorite thing about have a “sweet” truck vs. a truck serving entrees?

Elizabeth: That’s a tough one – there are so many! First, we love sweets, and we never get tired of our snoballs :). One of the best parts of our day is shutting the truck down, closing the window and eating a snoball together before we leave location! So, we genuinely enjoy our product and are excited to serve it to other people. Along those same lines, none of us has a desire to be a “chef.” Getting to know so many of the other food truck owners in the community, we’ve been so impressed with their culinary talent, training and experience – but that’s just not us! We love food, but when it comes to preparing it…we’ll stick with the sweets, please :). So all that to say, we like the simplicity of serving only one type of food, and the fact that it’s a novelty is really fun.

What is your favorite Retro Sno Cone?

Elizabeth: Trust me…we spend plenty of time testing the flavors! There are so many to love. Morgan’s all-time favorite is Raspberry Wedding Cake. We created that one because she grew up ordering that combination at her favorite childhood snoball shack in Houston. I honestly cannot narrow down my favorite – it depends on what mood I’m in, fruity or non-fruity. Some of my faves are Strawberries & Cream, Creamy Mint Chocolate, and Raspberry Wedding Cake.  We’re looking forward to developing some new creations to roll out for next season’s menu.

What has been your biggest challenge having a food truck?

Elizabeth: Starting up any small business is always challenging, but it seems the challenge to starting a food truck in Nashville right now is the amount of unknowns in the industry. The local food truck industry is still relatively new, although trucks like Mas Tacos, The Grilled Cheeserie, Riffs, etc. have done a great job paving the way for newer trucks like us. Back in the spring when we were renovating the truck, getting our business paperwork in order, etc., it wasn’t unusual to make a phone call in need of some information and to hear, “You’re doing what? A food truck? Hmm. I have no idea what the answer to your question is.” Sometimes that was frustrating, and sometimes it worked in our favor because we could influence some of the decisions made for us.

What has been your favorite moment as a food truck owner/operator?

Elizabeth: The first moment that comes to mind is the day of the Nashville Street Food Awards in Centennial Park on Labor Day weekend. That day was just great all around. The weather was beautiful, the time on the truck was fun and smooth, we had our highest sales day, and we won The People’s Choice Award! That award meant a lot to us, because we value our customers and our interactions with them so much. We want people to feel welcome when they visit our truck, so we were so honored to be voted The People’s Choice.

Thank you again to Elizabeth with Retro Sno for taking the time out to answer our questions!!!

You can catch Elizabeth, Morgan and the Retro Sno crew tomorrow, Saturday, October 27th at the Village Artisan Fair in Edgehill Village from 10 AM to 5 PM.  It may be the last time you see them until Spring!!!!!

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “5 Questions With Retro Sno

  1. Hey Julie – Dan with ToGo here! Hope you are well. Let’s get together next week. I’ll be around on wednesday for the weekly food truck event at Emdeon – check out our new food truck event center with day before pre-ordering: http://www.togoorder.com/Event/17/

    Anyway, I’d like to include you in our inside circle beta for the new ToGoOrder iphone and android app – confirm which type of smartphone you use, and I’ll have my partner John send you the invite to down the free app on your phone.

    Then, I’d love to meet with you about a) you blogging about the new apps and b) pull back the curtains on the end-to-end POS system we’re secretly building for food trucks. It’s going to be dubbed “COS” cloud ordering system – as it will be totally cloud based, and integrated into website and smartphone ordering, plus a food truck event calendar and other cool features. I meet with BJ on Monday and love to meet with you on Wed – maybe you can order from Bistro Truck on Wednesday.

    Dan Simpson ToGoOrder.com co-founder 615.429.8418

    LIKE @ http://www.facebook.com/togoorder FOLLOW @togoorders EAT @ http://www.togoorder.com

  2. Hey! Sounds awesome. Not sure if this Wednesday will work. But I’d love to get something scheduled on the books. I’ll send you an email (got your card sitting on my desk!).

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