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Coming Up This Week!!!

We have quite a bit planned for this week and next on the blog!

Jim is working on his first review for the blog!  I couldn’t be more excited!  And you will be seeing much much much more of him from now on!

I’ve finally got all the pictures uploaded from the Battle of the Food Trucks!  So I will be working on that blog post this week as well!

I’ve also got planned a little introduction to a new truck that has been out on the streets the last few weeks as well as some of the great foods that Jim and I have had from the trucks this past week which includes Hoss’ Loaded Burgers “Umami Tsunami”, 3 different dishes from Delta Bound, Biscuit Love, and DegThai.

We are also excited that Karl Worley from Biscuit Love is the featured chef at the Cooking With Yazoo event that sold out nearly 2 weeks ago!  Jim and I will both be writing about that event!

So a lot of stuff coming in the next few weeks!  Oh!  I’m also working on some more 5 Questions segments with the trucks!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @FTJ_Julie!  And we would love to see your pictures and hear YOUR reviews on food!  You might even see your tweets here on the blog!

See you all at the trucks!

-FTJ Julie

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