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5 Questions With Hoss’ Loaded Burgers

Our food truck owners/operators here in Nashville are just the best!  Dallas with Hoss’ Loaded Burgers took time out of his very busy schedule to answer this week’s 5 Questions!

Make sure to check our Locations Page to find where Hoss’ will be this week!  It’s the last week to get the Red, White, & Blue burger for a while!!!

And if you missed seeing their segment on The Cooking Channel’s show Eat Street, you can check it out HERE!!

What is your favorite burger from your truck?

Dallas: The Hoss is my favorite burger, which is why I named it after the business and it will always be on the menu. The Red, White, and Blue and The Umami Tsunami are a close second and third place. 

How do you choose your locations to setup?  Also, how do you decide if you are doing lunch or dinner service, or both? 

Dallas: My day to day schedule is based on a few things. I have some locations that I serve at on set recurring days throughout the month. Also, a lot of locations are due to being asked to come serve, whether it’s for an office party, private party, or just a new location to setup.  And then there are locations that I frequent as needed to fill in my calendar.  Whether or not I serve a dinner shift just depends on the other shifts scheduled for the week and if a dinner location is available. 

The Umami Tsunami Burger is a very unique burger.  It’s not something that is a common menu offering in the Nashville area.  I will say that I really did enjoy the Umami Ketchup.  I really like that your burgers are not just pickles, ketchup, and mustard.  Your burgers are unique and flavorful.  How do you come up with your burger combinations?  What inspires your flavors? 

Dallas: A lot of times the final burgers come from me testing a few different ingredients together and see what work the best. If something doesn’t quite taste right I’ll tweak the recipe until I find the exact flavor profile I’m looking for. I try to come up with burgers and toppings that most people have never tried or have even thought about trying. It’s all about giving the customer an experience rather than just a meal. When they get back to the office, I want them to tell their friends about the insanely delicious burger they had for lunch. 

The Nashville Food Truck scene has really exploded in the last year.  If you could say one thing to someone thinking of starting up a new food truck, what would you tell them? 

Dallas: 1. Just because a food truck is a fraction of the size of a brick and mortar restaurant, don’t think it’s going to be a fraction of the work. Food truck owners work long hours to have a successful businesses. 2. Just because you built a truck and have food to sell doesn’t mean people will come buy your food. This isn’t Field of Dreams. Marketing has to be on your mind constantly. What are you doing to get your name out there so that you will be noticed in the crowd of other food trucks? 3. Don’t be a “jack of all trades and a master of none”. Pick a specific type of food to serve, stick with it, and work to make it the most delicious type of that food in the city. You have to be known for something if you want people to come to your truck.  

What has been your favorite moment as owner/operator of Hoss’? 

Dallas: My favorite moment actually happens everyday we’re serving.  When I see a customer’s face as they bite into a burger and cheese oozes out, that’s my favorite moment! That’s what’s so great about owning a food truck. As a restaurant chef, it’s difficult to see customers enjoying their food. But when I can see the customer watching me make their burger and their eyes start to get big as I pile on the toppings, and then they take that first bite and rave about how delicious it is… that’s what it’s all about. 

Again, a HUGE Thank You to Dallas for taking the time out to answer our questions!!!  We can’t wait to see what your new burger is going to be!  But we know we are gonna love it!!!!

-FTJ Julie

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