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Perk Up Nashville!!

There’s a new truck in town.  And it will definitely make you perk up!

The Trailer Perk is a coffee truck that is full of personality.  “The Perk Ranger”, Amy, has created a kitschy menu fit for any java lover.  Some are normal creations that you expect from any coffee establishment, but many are creations from the mind of The Perk Ranger such as the PB & J Latte!

As is true for any truck, it is important for the truck owner/operator to create an identity for their truck.  I’m not just talking about what they are serving.  Amy has created a truck with a personality that I can only describe as “Redneck Fabulous.”  And we all know how us Nashvillians love “Redneck Fabulous”!  From the pink and white old school trailer to the astro turf to the lawn chairs and trucker caps, this coffee truck SCREAMS with funky charm and individuality.  (I should note that I was gifted with a trucker cap that says “I Fuel Up At The Trailer Perk”. I mean, HOW CUTE IS THAT?!)

I tried 2 different selections on my premiere visit.  I had the Great Pumpkin Iced Latte and the PB & J Latte.  Both were caffeinatingly tasty.  Unseasonably warm fall day add in the fact that I am a pumpkin FREAK equals love at first sip.  The PB & J was a super interesting concoction.  And it is one that you can only get at The Trailer Perk.  If you love peanut butter, then let me tell you.  DO NOT PASS UP THE PB & J LATTE.  The peanut butter flavor is so distinct and so familiar.  It threw me off and at the same time pulled me in.  It’s probably one of the most unique and flavorful coffee concoctions I’ve ever drank.

I really can appreciate how organized they have come out of the gate.  From the clever merchandise to the trailer decor to the creativity of the menu, these ladies have made me “rednecognize” that they are a force to be reckoned with here in Nashville.

They are now starting some small bites including sandwiches and breakfast bites.  And I can’t wait to try those as well!  They are on my side of town in the morning, so I’m hopeful to perk myself up with a tasty Butterfinger Latte and a breakfast sandwich.  I’ll report back in regards to the breakfast bites.  But I know that they are working on a sandwich to match the PB & J Latte.  Oh, and yes…I said BUTTERFINGER LATTE!

So perk up Nashville!!!  There’s a new truck in town!  And they will make you wake up and take notice as well!!!

And as for you, Perk Rangers, I’ll see you in the morning!!!

-FTJ Julie

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