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Yazoo’s “Cooking With Beer” Series Features Food Trucks!

So back in October, Jim and I came across Yazoo Brewery’s newest series of events called “Cooking With Beer.”  The event in October was actually the 2nd in the series.  Not sure how we missed the inaugural event.  Yazoo invites a local chef to create a night of food utilizing the beer in the food as well pairing the courses with beer.

While Jim and I were unimpressed by the chef in October, we couldn’t have been more excited to discover that the November “Cooking With Beer” event was going to feature one of our favorite food trucks, Biscuit Love.  I immediately bought tickets and I’m glad I did.  Tickets sold out in like 10 days.  Chef Karl created a menu based on “Scenes From A Redneck Childhood.”  Country Pickled Plate, Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Greens, and ending with the most dreamy buttermilk pie that he actually substituted Yazoo’s Beer Named Sue in place of the buttermilk (pie subsequently named “A Pie Named Sue”).  Now THIS was what we were expecting from the chef at the Cooking With Beer series.  Chef Karl ended the 2012 series on a high note (to say the least!).  He also set the bar pretty darn high for this event for all future chefs at “Cooking With Beer”!

Biscuit Love "Buttermilk Pie Named Sue" from Yazoo's Cooking With Beer, November, 2012

Biscuit Love “Buttermilk Pie Named Sue” from Yazoo’s Cooking With Beer, November, 2012

Well, it’s time for the first “Cooking With Beer” of 2013.  The event is Tuesday, January 15th at 6 PM.  The cost is $30.  This includes the dinner AND the beer pairings!!!  And guess what?  Yazoo is featuring another of our beloved food trucks, Riff’s Fine Street Food!!!  Chef Carlos has already stated a “Brewtastic Menu.”  And frankly, I can’t think of anything from Riff’s truck that I’ve had that I haven’t loved.  So I’m really excited to see what Chef Carlos and Chef BJ come up with.

Jim and I have our tickets!  And if you would like tickets of your very own, you can visit Yazoo’s Official Store…or just CLICK HERE!

See you all at the trucks!!!  (Or at “Cooking With Beer” on the 15th!)

-FTJ Julie

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