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5 Questions With Smokin’ Thighs

We know how busy the food truck owners are.  So we are so greatful here at NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com to have trucks who take the time to answer our 5 questions!

Today we would like to thank Matthew Carney with Smokin’ Thighs truck!  It’s super busy to get a new truck up and running.  So we appreciate the time he took to answer our questions.

Now that you have a full month (plus some) under your belt, what is the most important piece of advice you would give to a new food truck owner?

Matthew: Starting up is very challenging as is any small business, but I would tell a new truck owner to get ALL of their friends & family behind the truck and begin challenging yourself immediately.  In the beginning we considered having a “grand opening” in a dark corner waiting on a few customers shortly before going home for the day.  With the likeliness of being bored I changed my mind and did the exact opposite of that.  Every friend, family member, dog and chicken was invited to Elmington Park on December 1st, 2012 and we were slammed from the minute we opened our window at 11am till sundown.  Not only will your friends will forgive you when you forget those celery sticks or that cheese topping that they ordered but they will open your eyes to the things you didn’t think about and prepare you for the future more easily.     

What things can we expect to look forward to in 2013 from Smokin’ Thighs?

Specials, while we feel we have a great 4 step menu now, (http://www.smokinthighs.com/menu.html) we want to keep our foodies/customers coming back for more.  We plan to add some special seasonal flavors for our smoked wings, legs and thighs and possibly get into a limited supply of “stuffed wings”.  

How did you decide on the concept for your truck?

The concept of the Smokin Thighs Food Truck was born during a discussion at one of Nashville’s live music events (Live On The Green) in 2012.  The already established food truck scene was doing great but it was missing one of our favorite foods… WINGS!  With a bit of discussion and a few beers a truck that hadn’t even been purchased truck was named Smokin Thighs after a few casual jokes.  Because I was becoming known for grilling some fantastic tasting wings I thought let’s build this thing and take it full scale.  Weeks later I bought a truck, remodeled it, built a website (www.smokinthighs.com), added a few other selections to the menu and jumped thru a lot of hoops to bring our smoked and grilled wings to the streets of Nashville, TN.  While at times our concept gets confused with being a BBQ Truck we proudly steak our claim that we are a chicken food truck and NOT BBQ!

What is your favorite item to have from your truck?

Wings, On The Bone, Perfectly Awesome with pineapple and the Bacon Mac & Cheese.  Our favorite flavor was developed by experimenting with a barbecue sauce base and adding certain spices that’s well… Perfectly Awesome!

What has been your most rewarding moment in the last month plus that you have had “windows up”?

The repeat foodies/customers that smile when they return to the truck and say “I had you the other day and just had to come back because i’m craving more of your Smokin Thighs!” 

Thank you again, Matthew!!!!  Great insight into Smokin’ Thighs!!!

Want to catch Smokin’ Thighs on the streets???  You can check our Locations page or the Smokin’ Thighs website for their upcoming locations!

P.S. We’ve had the Bacon Mac & Cheese.  It’s definitely a fave of ours!!!!

See you all at the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie

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