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What Have I Had From The Trucks?

Sorry all!  I haven’t posted much in the last little bit.  I have to admit that my darn day job has had me a bit slammed.  As things start to slow down, I’ll hopefully get back to posting more!!!

At any rate, I realized that I haven’t really posted anything about lots of the foods that I’ve had in the past several months.  So here we go!!!

DoughWorks - Tuxedo Burgers

DoughWorks – Tuxedo Burgers

Back in February, Jim and I headed down to Jackalope for their weekly Sunday “Drunch”.  I was pretty excited because Doughworks was going to be there.  They had only been out for about a week or two at that point.  Plus donut truck!  Who wouldn’t be excited!!!  I opted to get the Tuxedo Burger.  The donut batter that they use creates a thicker yeastier donut than the stereotypical donut.  So it makes it a perfect donut for savory foods like burgers.  The burger was grilled to perfection.  And I’m a fan of sweet, so the slight sweet from the donut was perfect.

Biscuit Love - The SEC

Biscuit Love – The SEC

Biscuit Love is hands down one of my favorite food trucks in Music City.  And The SEC is another check in the love love love column.  This isn’t some flat piece of sausage.  This is a thick cut piece of local sausage.  THIS is how you do a breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit!

Biscuit Love - Family Reserve Blueberry Biscuit

Biscuit Love – Family Reserve Blueberry Biscuit

I apologize for this picture.  I forgot to get a picture of the biscuit before it got demolished.  If you are lucky enough to see the blueberry family reserve biscuit or the family reserve biscuit on the menu at Biscuit Love, I don’t care what else you order, you need to order this.  Share it or over eat, but don’t miss out.  Chef Karl has biscuits down to an art and the Family Reserve biscuit is the Mona Lisa of biscuits!

Smokin' Thighs - Chicken Wings and Bacon Mac & Cheese

Smokin’ Thighs – Chicken Wings and Bacon Mac & Cheese

Smokin’ Thighs hit the streets back in December of 2012, but rest assured, Matthew and company will be around for a good long while.  Smokin’ Thighs is a chicken truck and chicken they do well!!!  The wings are pretty hefty sized.  For the amount of wings you get, they are a steal.  And the bacon mac and cheese is a must.  I was almost tempted to JUST get the bacon mac & cheese because it is just so darn delishus.  Back to the wings.  They were hot.  They were juicy.  They had just the perfect hint of spice for me.  They were…well…Smokin’!!!  On a side note, we all know that Jim is a major hot chicken aficionado.  When it comes to hot chicken, he’s gonna let you know if it is legit.  And while he enjoyed the wings, he felt Matthew could go just a bit hotter on the hot chicken.

I’ve got more to come from the Biscuit Love and the Riff’s Cooking with Yazoo dinners and even more from DoughWorks, Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes, and more food trucks.  But it has been a while, so I wanted to make your mouths water a bit.  Going on longer would only be torture…for all of us, because now I’m hungry for wings, bacon mac and cheese, and a biscuit!

Hope you all make it out to the trucks!  Check our locations page for food trucks with windows up near you!!  What new food truck item will you try today?  Get out and try a new food truck!!!  TODAY!!!

-FTJ Julie

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