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Summer Time Food Truck Tips

While the winter causes the food trucks to hibernate and focus on catering gigs or outside hobbies, spring is the time when the food trucks begin to re-emerge out on the streets.  But by summertime, the trucks are out in full force.

Now we here in Nashville (and well anywhere here in the good old South) know that Spring and Fall are the best times weather wise to be out and about.  But we also know that Spring and Fall disappear in the blink of an eye.  It’s 70 and gorgeous out today.  It’s 90 with 100% humidity tomorrow and for the next 3 months.  You know the drill. (P.S. that is NOT the official weather outlook for tomorrow.)

So after a full year “on the job” (so to speak), we have made it through all 4 seasons with the food trucks here in Nashville.  As always, we here at NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com want to see you at the trucks and part of that is giving you tips to help make your food truck dining experience better.

1. Last summer was a scorcher. It got so hot several days that some of the sweet trucks were not able to go out.  (Hard to keep buttercream from melting in 100+ weather.  We can’t hate on a sweet truck for that!)  But if the trucks are out, so should you be!  One thing that CAN help fight the heat is a portable tent especially if you can find some real estate on the grass.  Here in Hermitage last summer, Tammy Fisher with Dixie Belle’s Cupcakes had a weekly food truck frenzy organized on Wednesdays.  Now as the summer went on it got HOT.  Jim and I would set up a tent and bring our chairs and a little 2-person fold out picnic table.  Now unfortunately this was on asphalt.  The trick is you have to get your tent setup before the asphalt gets heated.  But having the tent setup would help decrease the temperature sometimes 10-15 degrees.  Making the 90+ degree weather a little more bearable to sit and eat outside and enjoy the eats from several, if not all, of the food trucks there.  Obviously, there were days that even the tent didn’t help.  But since we could park within 20 feet of the trucks, sitting in the car with the AC on was a backup viable option.

2. If it is just too hot for you to enjoy sitting outside or if your AC in the car just cannot keep up with the heat, you don’t have to skip the food trucks.  You can go onto ToGoOrder.com and find the food trucks near you.  ToGoOrder.com has also created a new app for the Nashville Food Truck Association that is available on both Android and iPhone, if you are not near a computer.  Many (not all) of the trucks utilize this option.  You are able to go online or in the app and find the trucks near you.  PRE-ORDER your food while also paying for it, and the food is ready for you when you arrive.  No waiting in line.  You barely have to be out of your vehicle for any extended period of time.  You just hop out, go to the window (despite any line…or at least that’s what I do), tell them you pre-ordered and give them your name.  That’s it.  The food should be ready for you.  Then you just hop back in your car and head to cooler locations!  They seriously can’t make it more convenient for YOU to avoid the heat.

3. If you are ordering from several trucks and are going to take the food back somewhere cooler, I suggest you grab a reusable shopping bag.  I don’t like playing Jenga with my street eat containers.  Especially when they are full of good gourmet deliciousness.  When you order from the trucks, let them know you are taking it to-go.  Then just put all your to-go containers in the shopping bag and it makes it easier to carry around from truck to truck as you order your eats.

4. WATER WATER WATER.  Stay hydrated my friends!

5. Most Importantly: GET OUT TO THE TRUCKS!!!  Think about this: It’s hotter inside that truck than it is for us outside it.  And yet, they don’t skip a beat getting out to feed us.

Don’t miss out on amazing food because you think it is too hot.  Hopefully, you will utilize some of the tips here to help cool you down and get you to the trucks.  While we do realize some days in the summer it is just too hot, you don’t have to wait an hour in a line to get your food if you utilize the app.  It’s also not going to hurt the truck owner’s feelings if you take the food home to your cool kingdom.  You’re eating their food.  Who cares where you eat it!

We will be out this weekend at a Nashville Pittie event at Auto Mart’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Two Guys In A Lunchbox will be there serving up their goodies.  You can check the location page to find trucks near you this holiday weekend!!

See you all at the trucks!

-FTJ Julie

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