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Pitbulls, Pup Cups, and Food Trucks…Oh My!

Gonna start this post off with a little insider information on us Food Truck Junkies.

Jim and I are dog people.  And we have 2 pups at home.  Jim adopted Clemenza (aka “The O.G.”) from Camp Chaos back in 2010.  And we adopted Bella from Nashville Pittie in April of this year.  Both dogs are super sweet, super loving, extremely intelligent, and rescues.  And yes, they are both pitbulls.  Tired of how media negatively sensationalizes the pitbull breed among many other reasons, Jim began to get involved with Nashville Pittie earlier this year.  Nashville Pittie is an advocacy group whose goal is to educate as many people as they can reach about the pitbull breed and other discrimnated breeds.  They aim to show the world that what the media shows you isn’t the real representation of the breed.  They also have begun to get involved with fostering rescues and adoptions.  And the volunteers work tirelessly to get the word out when there is Breed Specific Legislation involved in our state and local governments.

Clemenza & Bella - Our 2 Pitbull Rescues

Clemenza & Bella – Our 2 Pitbull Rescues

Now that there is a little back story, Nashville Pittie began to organize an inaugural event called “PittieFest” up at the Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville on June 30.  This event was going to bring together rescues, vendors, pups and their well-behaved humans, and to top it off, food trucks!  Being the Food Truck Junkies, we HAD to have food trucks involved!!  Jim organized with Retro Sno and Loco Donuts to be there with a portion of their proceeds going to Nashville Pittie. (Awesome, right?!)

Loco Donuts & Retro Sno open for business at PittieFest 2013

Loco Donuts & Retro Sno open for business at PittieFest 2013

June 30th rolled around and the forecast was for a nasty storm to roll through while the event was happening.  The event was from 2-6 and the weather held up for the entire event!  

I was super excited because I had not had a chance to try out Loco Donuts since they first opened up a few months back.  I also had not had a chance to hit up Retro Sno since they re-opened in the Spring.  I knew that Retro Sno was going to have their “pup cups” so we were also going to get to introduce food trucks to Clemenza and Bella.

So after walking around to see the vendor booths, chatting up a few friends, and letting Clem and Bella sniff a few tails, I finally got a chance to go meet the duo at Loco Donuts.  After perusing their menu where I literally wanted to try everything, I ultimately decided on “The Bee Sting.”  The Bee Sting is a dozen mini-donuts covered in cinnamon sugar, drizzled with wildflower honey, and topped with graham cracker crumbles.

Loco Donuts - Bee Sting

Loco Donuts – Bee Sting

I found the donut dough to be super light.  They almost melt in your mouth.  The cinnamon sugar wasn’t overpowering.  The sweetness from the honey was just killer.  The graham cracker crumbles got a little lost since the honey and the cinnamon flavors are both strong in their own right.  But it didn’t take anything away from how much I enjoyed these.  I know there is a fork pictured, but I didn’t use it.  These weren’t messy enough to require a utensil.  And they sure didn’t last very long.  I’m pretty excited to go back and visit with Jonathan and Amy.  So. Many. Options!!!

Next we decided to give our pittie babies their first food truck experience with Retro Sno‘s “Pup Cup”! This was a sno cone that was covered in chicken broth.  The broth didn’t quite make its way through all the sno to the bottom of the cup.  So while Clemenza and Bella gobbled up the cups, once they got past the broth sno, they were less interested in the rest of the sno.  Once the sun came out and it got more humid out though, they definitely enjoyed the rest of the sno!

Bella & Clemenza enjoying their Pup Cups from Retro Sno

Bella & Clemenza enjoying their Pup Cups from Retro Sno

Just before we left, I let Jim know that I was not leaving without getting my first sno cone of the season from Retro Sno! After reviewing their menu, I went with one of their specials: The Dreamsicle.  The Dreamsicle is a scoop of delicious vanilla bean ice cream, topped with the Retro Sno sno which is then flavored with orange and cream. They then top it with whipped cream and a tangerine slice.  Basically, the orange creamsicle has gone Retro Sno!  I think because of the ice cream on the bottom, there isn’t as much room in the cup as the sno ice melts in the sun/heat.  So I found this a little messier than your average Retro Sno sno cone.  Perhaps if the ice cream sno cones were served in a larger cup? Frankly, I didn’t mind. It made me feel like a kid again, even if for a brief second!

Retro Sno - The Dreamsicle

Retro Sno – The Dreamsicle

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon.  We got to see our former foster with her new forever family.  We got to meet some awesome dog people.  We got to help bring awareness to the community about the awesomeness of the pitbull breed.  And we got to enjoy food trucks.  It really couldn’t have been a better event and day!

While this is a food truck blog, I am very passionate about my dogs.  So I want to let just a minute go to the dogs.  If you would like more information on pitbulls and other discriminated breeds, I urge you to visit Nashville Pittie’s website and watch “Beyond The Myth” on HuluPlus, NetFlix, or Amazon Prime.  Nashville Pittie is also on Facebook and Twitter.  Definitely try to come out to their events!!!  And if you are interested in adopting a pitbull or perhaps fostering a dog, you can find all that information on the Nashville Pittie Website!

As an animal lover, I beg of you to get your animal spay or neuter.  The amount of abandoned dogs is alarming.  And we can help control the pet population by spaying or neutering our pets.  If you have a discriminated breed, there are actually several outlets who will help with the cost of the spay/neuter if you are financially unable.  Finally, keeping a collar and tags on your animal and having your pet microchipped is SUPER CHEAP and can save your dog from heading down death row at animal control (especially if you own a discriminated breed).

Okay, I could go on, but this is afterall a food truck blog!  We hope to continue the relationship between the food trucks and Nashville Pittie because these are our passions!  And having them come together as one is the best of both worlds for us!

There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening and I can’t wait to let you in on it!  But for now, I’m excited about the new weekly Friday Riff’s Food Truck Jam event!  I’ll be posting early next week about this past Friday’s event and what you can expect going forward from the Food Truck Jam!

Get out to the trucks and we’ll see you all there!!!

-FTJ Julie

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