Trucks at July 26th’s Riff’s Food Truck Jam

Oh how I love Friday nights from 5-10!  Riff’s Food Truck Jam is bringing together a plethora of trucks each week to Main Event Parking where there are LOADS of FREE parking and a large area where you can bring your chairs and set up tailgate style.  They also have local musicians to provide some entertainment.  And did we mention that Yazoo is also there to serve the adult beverage needs???

Main Event Parking is located at 400 James Robertson Parkway.

Tonight’s participating food trucks are:

  • Crepe A Diem
  • DegThai
  • Delta Bound
  • Julia’s Sweet Treats
  • The Mobile Chef
  • Music City Pie Co.
  • RetroSno
  • Riff’s Fine Street Food
  • The Rolling Feast
  • Slow Hand Coffee Co.
  • Smokin’ Thighs
  • Sum Yum Yum
  • Two Guys In A Lunchbox
  • The Waffle Boss
  • Yayo’s OMG

The Food Truck Junkies are going to be in the mix tonight!  I really want to try the new truck, Music City Pie Co.  I also haven’t seen Sum Yum Yum in a long time. So some Laotian spring rolls might be on the menu for me tonight as well!!!  And I hear that Delta Bound is going to have their Catfish Tacos which are one of my favorite items from their truck!!  I’ve been dying to introduce them to Jim!!!  And I know that Jim is really wanting to hit up The Rolling Feast for their much talked about hot dog!

Riff’s Food Truck Jam is EACH Friday from 5-10 with a rotating schedule of trucks!  It is by far the best place each week to get the largest variety of food trucks in ONE location!

Here again is the link to Google Maps showing where 400 James Robertson Parkway is so that you can get there!

While all the trucks do take cards, bringing some cash will make things quicker (especially if you want to buy beer!).  Cash is king afterall!!  And don’t forget your tailgate chairs!!!!  There is plenty of space to setup!!!

See you tonight at the trucks!!!!!

-FTJ Julie

4 comments on “Trucks at July 26th’s Riff’s Food Truck Jam

  1. Will be in town Aug. 9. Friday. Will the trucks be at JRPkwy that evening?

  2. Is this still going on?

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