Holey Smokes!! We’ve Been Nominated!!!

Mobile Cuisine has listed its 17 nominees for the 2013 Food Truck Blogger of the Year…And Nashville Food Truck Junkie is ON. THAT. LIST!!!!

It’s a voting game and we would love to have your vote!  This is truly an honor for us and we are beyond excited!!!

Here is the link to go vote: http://mobile-cuisine.com/features/2013-food-truck-blog-of-the-year-contest/

And we would love if you went and told all your friends to go vote too!!!

P.S. We’ll see you Saturday at the 2nd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards at Centennial Park.  We’ll be there as a judge, but also as a fellow food truck nosher!!!

P.P.S. I’m gonna be using #2013NashSFA for all my pictures and Twitter/Facebook activity.  Let’s see if we can get that trending in Nashville, shall we??  Also, if you use that hashtag with a photo, I may (with your permission) post some of your foodie activity from the Street Food Awards on a special blog post next week!

And again, I’d love love love your vote for Food Truck Blogger of the Year!!!!

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “Holey Smokes!! We’ve Been Nominated!!!

  1. I had to go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom to find the poll to vote, btw. Good luck!

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