2nd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards – Trucks Trucks Trucks!

I promised it yesterday on Twitter.  I have SOME of the confirmed trucks for Saturday’s 2nd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards which takes place at Centennial Park from Noon – 5 PM!

This is a free to enter event.  You just need to pay for what you eat and drink.

If ever you have said to yourself, “Man I want to try {insert truck name here} so badly, but I can never get to them.” Here is your chance to try your heart’s delight!

P.S. There’s also a certain doughnut truck that may or may not have the famed CRONUT available for noshing on Saturday!  I’m trying to confirm that information.  I know that he has been offering it on his truck since October 1st!

Obviously, the list below is NOT COMPLETE!!!  I will try to see what I can do to get a more complete list later in the week!  But here you go!!!

(In alphabetical order)

Biscuit Love

Crepe A-Diem


Delta Bound


The Grilled Cheeserie

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Julia’s Bakery

The Mobile Chef

Music City Pie Co

Riff’s Fine Street Food

The Rolling Feast

Smokin’ Thighs

Smoothie King

Sum Yum Yum

Two Guys In A Lunch Box

The Waffle Boss

3 comments on “2nd Annual Nashville Street Food Awards – Trucks Trucks Trucks!

  1. Don’t forget the “Captain Slider food truck” will also be in this advent. We sell gourmet sliders, fries and the best chicken fingers you will ever eat. http://www.captainslider.com

  2. TheRolling Feast will have some hand crafted truck made foods 1/2 serving size available so you can eat more than one entrée. Don’t miss this awesome event!!

  3. Just want to make sure we are talking about today, November 2nd?

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