WE DID IT!!! 2013 Favorite Local Food Truck Blog


I can’t even begin to find all the words that I wanna say except for 2: THANK YOU!!

Over a 2 week span from October 28th through November 8th, online food truck trade publication, Mobile Cuisine, nominated 17 food truck blogs or food truck event production websites for Favorite Local Food Truck Blog of the Year.  It was based on public vote.  So we absolutely could not have won this honor without your support.

On Friday, November 8th, the final day of voting, we started the day 162 votes behind the leader, Street Grindz in Hawaii who love food trucks so much they produce events for the food trucks in Hawaii.  We put out our final day plea for votes and the food trucks and the city of Nashville did not let us down.  So many food trucks sent out tweets and posted on Facebook.  So many of you sent out tweets and posted on Facebook.  All afternoon, we were making some serious ground on that 162 vote lead.  By the time I left my day job we were a mere 25 votes behind the leader.  At this time, Street Grindz started getting some serious voting action as well.

To try to get my mind off of the voting, Jim and I decided to drive out to Watertown to Stardust Drive-In to catch Thor and Bad Grandpa.  On the drive out to Watertown, almost simultaneously, Jim received a text from Nick Guidry with Slow Hand Coffee Company and I received a message on Twitter from Sarah at Biscuit Love letting us know we were now leading in votes.  Jim nearly wrecked the car in excitement and I may have squealed.  Literally, I wanted to cry.

At the end of the night, when voting ended at Midnight, we had won by a margin of 27 votes.

To Nashville & Everyone Who Voted: Your support is just awe inspiring.  I don’t know how else to put it.  It’s mushy I know.  But how this city rallies around its own, it is second to none.

To the food trucks: You inspired me to start this blog. And you all continually inspire me. Your support was tremendous; and I cannot wait to eat from every single one of your trucks and tell you “Thank You” in person! I promise that as long as you are doing what you do, I’ll continue to do what I do rallying Nashville to the awesomeness that is our Food Truck Scene and to get to all of your trucks!

To the fellow nominees: You all are going to push me to be even better in 2014. I am honored to have nominated next to you all who are great bloggers and run amazing sites.

Thank you to Mobile Cuisine for putting me in consideration! This truly is amazing! I’m so stoked to be the 2013 Favorite Local Food Truck Blog.

Last, but definitely not least: To my co-hart in crime, you push me to eat outside the box. You pushed me to be more outgoing in soliciting votes. You were amazing in talking with the trucks and getting them to send out tweets.  I thank you everyday for introducing me to food trucks. This, none of this, is possible without you. Plus having someone to always split food from the trucks with means getting to try more food from the trucks.

We did it Nashville! We not only have some of THE BEST food trucks in the nation, but now we are home to the Favorite Local Food Truck Blog Of The Year!


-FTJ Julie

7 comments on “WE DID IT!!! 2013 Favorite Local Food Truck Blog

  1. Yeah Julie!! We are so proud and honored to have you on board, going places with the Nashville Food Trucks!! You add dimension, humor, love, smiles and a warm heart to our industry! Thank you again and again! GO JULIE!!!

  2. Yay! Now about that Location!Location!Location! tab…

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