Joey’s House of Pizza: From Brooklyn to Nashville to a Street Near You

There really are few things more comforting to me than pizza when it comes to food.  It’s familiar.  It takes my mind to a happy place full of unicorns, baby pandas, and ginormous NY style pizza slices!  Oh, and Cannoli!  To me, the NY style slice is the best. It’s a thin crust with some crunch, yet it can still hold up to the toppings.  I don’t want a cracker as my crust, but I don’t want Texas toast as my crust.  This is why the NY style pizza is the best in my humble opinion.

Joey's House of Pizza Pepperoni Slice - Queen Style (Fresh Mozzarella On Top)

Joey’s House of Pizza Pepperoni Slice – Queen Style (Fresh Mozzarella On Top)

And Nashville, we are lucky to have a pizza connoisseur that was born and bred in Brooklyn bringing the most LEGIT New York Style slices to our city.  And even better, they are now going mobile.

Get ready Nashville.  Joey’s House of Pizza has gone from Brooklyn to Nashville and now to a street near you!

Joey's House of Pizza Truck - Joey's On Wheels

Joey’s House of Pizza Truck – Joey’s On Wheels

Let me tell you about my romance with Joey’s.  About a year almost 2 ago, my boss at my day job came in all excited because he had run into an old friend of his named Joey.  Joey was in the process of moving his brick and mortar pizza restaurant from Brentwood to a location on Elm Hill Pike which is now less than 5 miles from where I work (SCORE!).  Shortly thereafter, my boss took us all into Joey’s for lunch after the Elm Hill location was up and running. From the first bite of the true sized New York Pepperoni slice (yes, I had to fold it!), I fell in love.  I was so amazed by Joey’s and knowing how Jim loves pizza like I do, I took Jim that same week; and it has been our go-to pizza joint ever since.  The thing is with Joey’s pizza and pasta is that when I eat it, I then crave it nonstop for quite a while.  Weeks even.  I think I could probably eat their pizza all day everyday.  And never get tired of it.

Joey's House of Pizza - Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza Roll

Joey’s House of Pizza – Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza Roll

Joey’s makes as much as possible fresh…daily.  They proof their dough…twice.  They make their own marinara using only the finest tomatoes and ingredients.  They shred their own mozzarella.  There are no shortcuts in the preparation phase.  Everything is done as it should be.  Joey has been making pizza since he was a young man in Brooklyn (the picture proof of which can be seen on the back of the new truck!).  He moved down here shortly after that picture to work with his brother, Manny of Manny’s House of Pizza in the Arcade downtown.  After a few years working with his brother, Joey branched out on his own.  Joey has been doing this for going on 25+ years.  So he KNOWS what he is doing.  And you can taste the experience, quality and love that is put into the food.

Giombattista Making The Dough

Giombattista Making The Dough

Keeping things in the family, Joey’s daughter, Stephanie, and son, Giombattista, both work at the House of Pizza.  Anyone who has ever been to Joey’s will recognize Stephanie as she makes the pies and puts the smiles on the faces of everyone who walks in.  Giombattista works not only making the pies, but he also makes all the dough and a majority of the prep. While Joey’s other daughter, Danielle and her husband Ryan, used to run the Spring Hill location of Joey’s House of Pizzas until they decided to hit the streets with The Waffle Boss food truck.  Joey’s wife, Crescenza, meets everyone at the register.  In fact the first time Jim and I went into Joey’s we got to the register and Crescenza was talking to another customer and threw out a “Fuhgettaboutit.”  I almost had a fit I got such a good little giggle.  It was my very first genuine Italian NY “Fuhgettaboutit.”  I have to giggle even now thinking about it.  And while they have employees who do not share the same last name, they are all still family at Joey’s. It’s a tight knit crew there at Joey’s and that’s why their service is second to none!

Stephanie With A Tray of Tiramisu and Cannoli

Stephanie With A Tray of Tiramisu and Cannoli

Since they have the Elm Hill Location that is open from 11-3 Monday through Friday, Joey’s On Wheels will be out more on the weekend at events like Musician’s Corner or weddings.  You can look for them at McKay’s Used Books on Black Friday from 11:30 until they sell out!

The great thing about the truck is that everything that they serve in their restaurant has the possibility to be on the truck.  It’s not just their amazing pizza slices.  They may have everything from eggplant parmesan to pizza rolls to their spectacular pasta salad to the monster slice appropriately called, The Gladiator.

Joey's House of Pizza - Pasta Salad

Joey’s House of Pizza – Pasta Salad

And while their pizza is amazing, they also will have cannoli on the truck. You may be full after the pizza slices, but do what you must to find room for the cannoli.  They’ve been sold out of tiramisu the last few times I’ve been so I have not had a chance to try that.  But based on everything I’ve had from them previously, I feel confident that I will enjoy it as well.

From start to finish, from pasta salad to cannoli, you CANNOT go wrong.  You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out their locations for their new truck.  And if you have a weekend event and want them to be a part of it, they are always looking for some bellies to fill and people to make happy!!!

Joey's House of Pizza - Cannoli

Joey’s House of Pizza – Cannoli

I want to thank Joey, Stephanie, Giombattista, Crescenza and the entire crew there at Joey’s for taking some time out to talk with myself and Jim last week.  We really enjoyed getting to know more about Joey, Joey’s House of Pizza, and Joey’s On Wheels.  While we love coming to see you at the “House”, we cannot wait to come see you at the truck!

Man…now I’m craving a slice! Guess I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!!!

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “Joey’s House of Pizza: From Brooklyn to Nashville to a Street Near You

  1. Joey’s is one of the great spots in Nashville. Love their pie. Have tamed the Gladiator a time or three, but it’s a valiant fight.

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