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Eat St. Invades Nashville – Part 1 – Biscuit Love

Just about 2 weeks ago, Nashville was invaded by a film crew from The Cooking Channel.  They were in town for one reason: To film several of our favorite food trucks!!  What were they filming for? The fifth season of a tv show called “Eat St.”  For those who do not have cable or just haven’t caught this show, “Eat St.” is a 30 minute show that features food trucks from around North America.  Several of our own have already been featured.  Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, Yayo’s OMG, Riff’s Fine Street Food, Wrapper’s Delight, Mas Tacos, and I Dream of Weenie to just name a few.

This time around they were going to be filming several straight days and caught 3 of Nashville’s FINEST! Crepe A Diem filmed on a rainy cold Sunday at Yazoo Brewery and Taproom.  On Tuesday, Biscuit Love filmed at Craft Brewed Taproom.  And last but definitely not least, on Wednesday, Delta Bound filmed their segment at Yazoo Brewery and Taproom.

I was unable to attend all 3 filmings, but I was able to make it to the Biscuit Love and the Delta Bound days.  I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures of the food.  They filmed me eating my food before I could get a picture of it.  Having someone film you eating is much more uncomfortable than I thought.  Especially since they were like “can you hold it this way so we can see the inside of the biscuit while you bite into it?”  So you are holding it so completely awkward and then you have a camera about 5 inches from your face.  I’m awkward enough, but yeah, let’s add that into the equation! Ha!  I was kind of like Damaris on The Next Food Network Star. I may or may not have done a creepy wink to the camera.

Biscuit Love at Craft Brewed Taproom - Filming for The Cooking Channel Eat St Season 5 - November 19, 2013

Biscuit Love at Craft Brewed Taproom – Filming for The Cooking Channel Eat St Season 5 – November 19, 2013

So on Tuesday, November 19th at Craft Brewed, Biscuit Love was up bright and early filming the segments as they created each dish.  I showed up to Craft Brewed around 11:30ish.  I ordered a pint of Terrapin Tree Hugger from the Taproom while I waited for lunch service to open.  After doing a little waiting and signing the release form, Biscuit Love opened up the window.  For this special lunch service, they had The Princess, The John T, The Gertie, and Bonuts.  The Princess has also been featured on The Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats show.  It is Biscuit Love’s version of Nashville’s Hot Chicken.  And for true hot chicken aficionados, it is LEGIT Nashville hot chicken.  In fact, Jim is constantly telling Karl he should call it “The Legit”.  It is topped with house made pickles, house made mustard and of course sits on top of one of the best biscuits Nashville has ever known.

Biscuit Love's Menu for their Eat St Filming

Biscuit Love’s Menu for their Eat St Filming

This was my first time having The John T.  It is a piece of fried catfish that is topped with a white wine reduction, shrimp, country ham, garlic, and green onions.  And all on top of a biscuit.  Let me just say that The John T is my new favorite item from his truck.  I hope that Karl starts to have this on the menu more often.  Because It. Is. PHENOMENAL!!!!

Tray of Biscuits ready for their close up!

Tray of Biscuits ready for their close up!

The Gertie is named after the “Head Biscuit Taster” aka “The Little Biscuit” aka Karl and Sarah’s daughter.  It is a biscuit that is smothered, covered, and chunked in deliciousness.  Olive & Sinclair gravy, house made peanut butter, and caramelized banana jam on a perfectly baked biscuit.  This will bring out the kid in you and yet you don’t have to feel childish ordering it.

Karl and the Filming Crew

Karl and the Filming Crew

Finally we get to the bonuts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Who cares about Cronuts, Nashville has BONUTS!!  Fried Biscuits that have a marscapone lemon curd inside and are then rolled in sugar and covered with a blueberry compote.  It’s breakfast gone wild.  I wish I could order these by the dozen.  They are ridiculous.

Karl and Sarah are so deserving of this attention.  I’m so excited for them.  I’m also so excited that they are here in Nashville.

P.S. I also want to thank Karl for the edible hand warmer while I was waiting in line to order The John T!

The episodes of Eat St featuring our Nashville trucks will air sometime in the Spring of 2014.  So make sure you check back here as I will definitely let you all know when they air!

Since I was unable to make the Crepe A Diem filming, you can be sure that I’m going to work to get a feature here on the blog about Brittney and the crew making the delicious crepes!

Coming later this week, Part 2 which will feature Delta Bound’s filming for Eat St.

See you all at the trucks!

-FTJ Julie


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