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Yayo’s OMG – 2014 Food Truck Taco Of The Year Nominee!

Online food truck publication, Mobile Cuisine (who named us here at NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.Com as the 2013 Food Truck Blog Of The Year), is currently conducting their poll for 2014 Favorite Food Truck Taco.  And Nashville has 1 nominee on the list: Yayo’s OMG!!!!

Have you had their Mahi Mahi Tacos???? Cause you know how deserving they are of this!!!!

Currently, Yayo’s is sitting in 13th out 15 nominees.  But we are early in the voting!  Voting will end at Midnight on Friday, March 14th!!!

Let me tell you how simple this is.  Only 1 vote per IP address.

1. Go To Mobile Cuisine’s Website: Click Here

2. The Poll will be listed in the right side of the screen.  So Scroll down until you see it.

3. Click the bubble next to Yayo’s OMG

4. Click Vote

And it is only 1 vote per IP address.  You don’t have to register on Facebook or anything like that.  You don’t have to vote daily.  Just vote 1 time (on your computer AND your smartphone!!).  And get all of your family and friends to vote from their computers and smartphones as well!!!!

We made Nashville home to the Mobile Cuisine 2013 Food Truck Blog of the Year.  Let’s make Nashville home to Mobile Cuisine 2014 Food Truck Taco of the Year!!!

Vote Vote Vote Vote!!!!

-FTJ Julie

One comment on “Yayo’s OMG – 2014 Food Truck Taco Of The Year Nominee!

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