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“Pop Up, Schmop Up” – Biscuit Love Gets Taken Over For A Night!


It’s hard for me to hide my love for Biscuit Love.  I mean.  I don’t hide it.  And right when I think they’ve reached the pinnacle of how much I could adore them.  They go and do this.  And my romance with Biscuit Love begins all over again.

Karl and Sarahare “turning over the keys” to Biscuit Love to Hume Fogg Freshman, Charlie Hilly, for a one night only pop up dinner at the Nashville Farmer’s Market Grow Local Kitchen on Saturday, March 29th from 6 – 8 PM.  While the $20/person tickets will be available at the door, reservations are encouraged at popupschmopup@gmail.com.  The proceeds of the event will benefit The Nashville Food Project which helps provide healthy food to homeless and poor areas of Davidson County.

It’s a pretty cool story of how this whole event came to be.

Biscuit Love owner, Sarah Worley, was at a recent high school career fair when a 13-year old Freshman from Hume Fogg walks up.  Sarah recalls “This kid came up to me and said “I’m going to start a food truck that’s going to put you out of business one day.  He proceeded to tell me about all the street food he’s eaten, his plans for his own business, and his unique culinary perspective.  I couldn’t believe a high school freshman had such a focused business concept, and the conversation continued past that day.  Karl and I have been brainstorming with Charlie, and ultimately the idea for this event came about.”

The Worley’s have been mentoring Hilly helping him gain experience in the food truck industry.  This has involved giving him guidance as he developed his concept and menu for the Pop Up, Schmop Up dinner.

Hilly says, “I always loved to stand by my mom in the kitchen and help cook spicy, ethnic foods.  My first recipe was a spicy habenero salsa which I developed when I was nine.  I met friends at the Ivy House who introduced me to Indian cooking, and living in Nashville, I’ve followed the food truck scene.  Combining those ideas into a concept is something I can’t wait to do at this event.”

Attendees of this inaugural Pop Up, Schmop Up dinner will sample a full menu of Hilly’s Indian-Southern cuisine at the Nashville Farmer’s Market Grow Local Kitchen in a meat & three style concept.  Hilly will also be cooking under the guidance of the Worleys, who are both culinary trained chefs.

So mark your calendars:

When: Saturday, March 29th, 6-8 PM

Where: Nashville Farmer’s Market Grow Local Kitchen

Cost: $20/Person – Available at the door, but reservations are recommended: PopupSchmopup@gmail.com

Hilly couldn’t have chosen a better pair of mentors than Karl and Sarah Worley who have taken not only the food truck scene by storm, but the entire food scene here in Nashville by storm!  Actually taking over the nation by storm as they recently were a feature at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, one of the largest food festivals in the country.  They have also been featured on The Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats as well as a future episode of Eat St.

I am really excited about this event.  And to see food truck owners mentoring the youth who will then in turn be able to start their own truck…and to do it right, it’s inspiring to say the least!!!

I hope to see you all there!!!

-FTJ Julie


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