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My Letter To The Locations Page

Dear Locations Page:

I’m so sorry that I have neglected you over the last few months.  You’ve been there for your visitors, but I haven’t been there for you.  I’ve been super busy working on a food truck book that will be released this summer that will hopefully increase your visitation rate.  The book is going to be super awesome.  You are going to love it!  But now that the manuscript is finished, I promise I’ll be a better updater!!  Starting on Monday, You’ll be populated with information for all to see!!!  And everyone in Nashville can fall back in love with visiting you everyday to find their way to the trucks!

Love you, Mean it.


Side Note: I want to make sure that if you want the official information from the Nashville Food Truck Association there is only one Twitter Account: @FoodTrucksNash.  And only one official website: http://www.NashvilleFoodTruckAssociation.com.  Please note that is .COM.  Any other extension is not the official account.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and get out to the trucks!  On Saturday, the East Nashville Beer Festival will have all the big boys out!  But if you don’t have tickets for that you can still hit up some of the local taprooms, Elmington Park, the Honey Bee Festival, McKays, Friedmans, or the Barn Sale in Madison.  On Sunday, I’ll be popping by the 12 South Bluegrass Brunch with Biscuit Love, Degthai will be at Vandy, the Picnic in Elmington Park, and then Crankees at the Japanese Film Festival.  Lots of opportunities and a lot of variety of trucks out this weekend too!!!

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